5+ Relatable Reactions To ARTMS Confirming The Re-Debut Of LOONA’s ODD EYE CIRCLE Unit

It’s been a long time coming.

Before LOONA officially debuted with “Hi High”, they promoted in various unit groups to introduce most of the members. ODD EYE CIRCLE was one of those units, featuring JinSoul, Choerry, and Kim Lip.

JinSoul, Choerry, and Kim Lip. | BlockBerry Creative

Although half of the LOONA members left BlockBerry Creative following contract disputes, a trademark hintedย at ODD EYE CIRCLE’s return. After JinSoul, Choerry, Kim Lip, and Heejin signed with MODHAUS and formed the new group ARTMS, they confirmed with a teaser photo that the unit would be re-debuting. So here are seven reactions to the girls bringing back ODD EYE CIRCLE.

1. The rebirth of ODD EYE CIRCLE is giving fans something to look forward to again.

2. They’re no longer locked in the dungeon because ODD EYE CIRCLE is finally free.

3. ODD EYE CIRCLE’s re-debut is also reviving fans.

4. ODD EYE CIRCLE is like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

5. JinSoul’s iconic “Sweet Crazy Love” look is back and better than ever.

6. They’re focusing on all the little details just to get everything right.

7. Their comeback is so anticipated that fans don’t even care about the bright, summery concepts for the season.

Since fans previously spotted the three members working on something, it all makes sense now.