Here’s Every ASTRO Member Blessing Everyone With Their Abs

Their hard work in the gym is paying off.

As the ASTRO members take on sexier concepts, they’re not afraid to tease fans by showing a bit of skin. Here are all six members confidently revealing their abs.


1. Jinjin

Gracing the cover of health and fitness magazine Men’s Health, leader Jinjin was the perfect example of toned muscles to strive for.


The talented rapper even treated fans by going completely shirtless at a concert.

2. Moonbin

Like Jinjin, Moonbin had no problem going shirtless during a performance, showing off all the hard work he put into his body.


Doing the same at the 2022 WATERBOMB Festival, Moonbin left fans amazed by how muscular he is.

3. Rocky

In the beginning, Rocky amazed everyone by showing off his chiseled abs.


When the group was featured in Elle Korea magazine, Rocky dialed it back and teased fans by giving just a glimpse of his abs.

| @findurocky/Twitter

4. Sanha

Although maknae (youngest member) Sanha has been shy about showing his abs, Moonbin lent a helping hand.


At the 2022 WATERBOMB Festival, Moonbin hilariously helped remove Sanha’s shirt to reveal his abs fully.

Moonbin and Sanha.

5. MJ

Featured in Vogue Korea, MJ’s natural yet playful photoshoot was the perfect way to give fans a peek at his abs.


He even revisited the look for the project group Super Five, showing off his confidence.

6. Cha Eunwoo

When Cha Eunwoo was spotted in the teasers for Law of the Jungle, his abs made waves.

Cha Eunwoo | SBS

Naturally, he couldn’t leave out fans, going completely shirtless at the group’s concert.