ATEEZ Picked Their Ideal Superpowers And Their Choices Fit Their Personalities So Well

ATEEZ: From superstars to superheroes?

ATEEZ is currently filming a video series with ACL Studio titled The Beginning of Space Sailing, where the eight-member group participates in a variety of space themed missions and activities.

In the first video, members Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, and San did a fun interview with themed questions, including a reaction to their astrological signs or choosing another member they would travel to space with.

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In one of the questions, the four members were asked about what superpower they would want to have.

With their intense choreography…

…and their powerful music videos, it’s easy to believe that ATEEZ already have superhuman skills.

However, if they were to choose a specific superpower, here is what Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, and San would pick.

1. Seonghwa

Seonghwa’s ideal superpower would be teleportation, a well-liked choice among the ATEEZ members!

A noncombat based superpower like teleportation suits Seonghwa’s calm personality well!

2. Yunho

Yunho’s ideal superpower may not be a surprise to ATINY.

Inspired by his favorite superhero, Yunho would want to have the same superpower as Spiderman!

Yunho holds a Spiderman plush | @undercloud323/Twitter

ATINY can rest assured that their friendly neighborhood Spider Yunho would always be there to save the day!

3. Yeosang

Just like Seonghwa, Yeosang would want the power of teleportation.

His explanation for his answer was quite clever and relatable.

Even if he wasn’t a superhero, traveling would be a breeze for Yeosang if he could go someplace new in less than a second.

4. San

Just like the multitalented king he is, San would want to have three superpowers!

Joining Seonghwa and Yeosang, San’s first preferred superpower would be teleportation.

Next, San thought about a superpower that would complement well with teleportation…

…so his next favorite was invisibility, forming a dynamic combo.

Last but not least, San chose a third power that would dazzle audiences.

Suited to his fiery stage presence, San would want to be able to shoot bold flames from his hands.

The second episode of The Beginning of Space Sailing, featuring members Hongjoong, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho, will be released soon on the ACL Studio YouTube channel.

Source: ACL Studio

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