K-Pop Idols Can’t Stop Praising ATEEZ — Here Are 12 More Times They’ve Been Recognized For Their Skills By Fellow Artists

It’s not just fans that are in awe of their talent!

In the past, we’ve written a couple of times about the numerous instances that fellow K-Pop idols have praised ATEEZ, whether as a group or the individual members themselves. It’s time for an update, however, because artists can’t seem to stop praising this extremely multi-talented group!

Here are 12 different times that K-Pop idols have shown just how much they admire and appreciate ATEEZ.

1. Young K (DAY6) & Youngjae (GOT7)

When ATEEZ was guest starring on Idol Radio when these two were hosting, they both praised Jongho‘s vocals!

2. Heechul (Super Junior)

Heechul not only complimented San‘s dancing skills, but he was also impressed with how kind and considerate he was during a performance as well!

3. Jaeyoon (SF9)

When ATEEZ was participating on Kingdom: Legendary War, Jaeyoon asked them incredulously how much more they could improve, that their performance was incredible, and that he really enjoyed it! He also said he wanted their autographs, and that ATEEZ and ATINYs were the best.

4. Changsub (BTOB)

Another fellow competitor on Kingdom: Legendary War, BTOB’s phenomenal vocalist had nothing but praise for Jongho’s singing!

5. Changmin (TVXQ)

Changmin has complimented ATEEZ’s members a number of times, from Jongho’s legendary vocal skills to Hongjoong‘s composing abilities!

6. Sunwoo (THE BOYZ)

There were many idols on Kingdom: Legendary War that spoke about how impressed they were by ATEEZ, and Sunwoo described their on-stage personas as fierce and nonstop!

7. Eunkwang (BTOB)

BTOB’s members are known for their expertise and talent in singing, and the fact that numerous members complimented Jongho’s vocals really means a lot!

8. U & E-Tion (ONF)

These two idols showed their love for ATEEZ by excitedly dancing to “Fireworks (I’m The One)” during a livestream!

9. Lia Kim

Though she isn’t an idol, Lia Kim has an incredible amount of well-deserved respect in the K-Pop community as a dancer, and her praise in particular for ATEEZ’s dancing abilities is nothing to take lightly!

10. Gyujin & Xiao (UP10TION)

Jongho actually used to be a trainee at TOP Media, UP10TION’s company, so these two used to train with him, and have nothing but positive things to say!

11. AleXa

When Hongjoong came out with his cover of Linkin Park‘s “Numb”, AleXa was surprised and also really impressed!

12. Min Kyunghoon

This experienced artist was really impressed with ATEEZ’s performance, especially the energy that San gave!

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