These Are 23 K-Pop Idols That Have Praised And Openly Admired ATEEZ

Both experienced idols and rookies alike have nothing but praise for this phenomenal group.

Last year, when ATEEZ was still considered a rookie group with less than two years of experience in the industry, already both senior and junior idols were praising the KQ Entertainment artist and talking about how much they admired them.

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong

Since then, many more artists have spoken kindly about the 8-member group, showing just how much of an impact the still-young group has made on the industry! Here are 23 more K-Pop idols that have praised this incredibly talented K-Pop artist.

1. Changbin (Stray Kids)

Fellow fourth-generation idol Changbin is a big fan of ATEEZ, and even chose “THANXX” as a stage that he admired and through was really cool!

2. AleXa

This talented young soloist doesn’t hide her love for the group.

I really like listening to ATEEZ. I love their discography.

— AleXa

3. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

You know you’ve made it big when an idol as experienced in the industry as Eunhyuk has such high praise for you!

ATEEZ are the next rising stars…  [They are] the idol group I have my eyes on lately. I have to get my eye on groups with good performance since I like dancing.

— Eunhyuk

4. Rano (E’LAST)

Rano was so inspired by ATEEZ leader Hongjoong‘s checkered beret that he bought one for himself just because Hongjoong had one!

5. Hojun (F_ABLE)

Not only has Hojun expressed who his biases are in ATEEZ, but he’s also had an ATEEZ and Wooyoung photocard in his phone case at one point, as well as posters from the group on his wall!

My biases are San and Hongjoong.

— Hojun

6. Jae (DAY6)

Jae has had the pleasure of being able to see ATEEZ perform live multiple times, and has nothing but good things to say!

We saw [ATEEZ] live a couple of times and they are mad talented!!

— Jae

7. Kevin Woo (former U-KISS)

The former U-Kiss member had a lot to say about how incredible ATEEZ is, especially for still being so early in their career.

ATEEZ is the strongest rookie group I’ve seen in the past year. I saw them perform at KCON last year in New York and LA. Their performance was just mind-blowing. Just the energy, the stage presence that they all had. I couldn’t believe that they were rookies. I felt like they were going at it for at least 5 years. They got so much swag on the stage. It’s hard to believe that they are rookies.

— Kevin Woo

8. Wonhyuk (E’LAST)

Wonhyuk has spoken about ATEEZ and his idolization of them multiple times, especially for the member that inspires him most, San!

There are a lot of senior artists that I look up to, but among them ‘Master at Facial Expressions,’ ATEEZ’s Choi San is someone that I admire. I always work hard to imitate him. I became his fan right away after watching fancam and his expressions on stage are really amazing. I really want our group to be a cool group just like ATEEZ.

— Wonhyuk

9. Sunwoo (The Boyz)

As an idol, Sunwoo knows just how difficult it is to sing and dance so hard at the same time, so he praised ATEEZ for being able to do so!

It’s my first time seeing someone who sing live really well while doing a difficult choreography.

— Sunwoo

10. J.You (TOO)

J.You is another rookie idol that has spoken several times about ATEEZ. From saying he’s learned particularly from San and Hongjoong to praising their discography and speaking about his yearning to do a similar concept as theirs, it’s obvious he’s a big fan!

I really like ATEEZ sunbaenims… I watch and learn from San and Hongjoong sunbaenims… ATEEZ sunbaenim‘s TREASURE EP.3 is a masterpiece. Everyone should listen to it.

— J.You

11. Lim Youngwoong

This Mr. Trot winner chose the group as his favorite K-Pop artist!

ATEEZ is cool, their facial expressions are also really cool. I like ATEEZ.

— Lim Youngwoong

12. Hoyeon (NOIR)

Hoyeon is another idol that has had the blessing of being able to see ATEEZ live, and he definitely enjoyed it!

I saw [ATEEZ’s] concert; they were so cool.

— Hoyeon

13. Jung Sewoon

This former Produce 101 contestant had a simple but complimentary thing to say about ATEEZ.

They dance perfectly in sync.

— Jung Sewoon

14. BM (KARD)

When asked if any artist has caught BM’s attention, the KARD member didn’t hesitate to let it be known how long he’d been a fan of ATEEZ.

They are killing it. I’ve been a fan since they came out first because they are super talented.

— BM

15. Serim (CRAVITY)

Serim has praised ATEEZ’s phenomenal performances, and has expressed multiple times that he really wants to collaborate with the group!

I really want to work with ATEEZ. I’ve always dreamt of having a collaboration with them.

— Serim

16. Baekgyeol (E’LAST)

Baekgyeol not only is a fan of ATEEZ, but one member in particular!

I’m a fan of ATEEZ’s Wooyoung. He’s my bias in the group.

— Baekgyeol

17. Jinny (Secret Number)

Once more, Jinny is another idol who was short and to the point about how she felt about ATEEZ!

I’m a big fan of ATEEZ.

— Jinny

18. Young K (DAY6)

Young K is another DAY6 member who has spoken really highly about just how incredible ATEEZ’s members are as performers and how great their music is.

I remember them being crazy dancers. They had super high energy & the way they performed was good. I checked their music. I thought they had great music too.

— Young K

19. Lee Soo (PRECIOUS)

This female idol not only likes ATEEZ, but is yet another model who gets inspiration and motivation from watching them!

San is my role model. I got inspired by him after watching ‘Answer.’

— Lee Soo

20. Ayeon (Saturday)

Ayeon, too, is an idol who can’t believe the members of ATEEZ are able to sing at the same time as performing so hard!

They are the best. They do really good live too. How can you sing and dance like that at the same time? The performance is really great!

— Ayeon

21. Jacob (The Boyz)

The Boyz member Jacob, like Changbin, also stated that ATEEZ’s “THANXX” stage was really cool!

22. Allen (CRAVITY)

Allen has spoken about being inspired by the group, and just how infectious their incredible energy is.

I really look up to ATEEZ. Their stage presence and performances are on the other level. You can really feel their energy even just watching it through a video, and it makes me just as energetic as they are.

— Allen

23. Wonjun (E’LAST)

And finally, rookie idol Wonjun has said that ATEEZ is his role model!


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