Here Are 17 Of The Most Iconic Moments From ATEEZ’s Breathtaking Concerts In London

The shows gave ATINYs memories to last a lifetime!

After postponing the shows due to COVID-19, ATEEZ finally returned to London in the UK for two days of their THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END tour in Europe. Over the two nights, the members played to thousands of fans from across the world at the OVO Arena and showcased their talent, charisma, and visuals to ATINY!

Members of ATEEZ in London | @ATEEZOfficial/Twitter

Although it seems impossible to narrow it down, here is a look at 17 moments from ATEEZ’s shows in London that are just too good not to see.

1. When Jongho proved that he is not only a great idol but could probably become a worldwide soccer star.

2. It couldn’t be a show in London without Yunho channeling his inner Harry Potter… and even having a duel with Wooyoung.

3. There were so many adorable interactions between the members…

4. Can someone confirm that Jongho is actually the main vocalist and not the main rapper? Because something is sus.

5. The members of ATEEZ will never stop trying to expose each other and giving ATINY an exceptional fan service.

6. Wooyoung and Mingi covered some iconic British artists during the shows, and now we need duets.

7. Not only did San’s microphone break during “HALA HALA,” but the members were so powerful that even the screen broke several times.

8. If you haven’t heard of Maddox or seen him perform, the KQ artist was a special guest on the shows and stole the hearts of ATINYs!

9. Someone needs to check what ATEEZ’s diet consists of because they definitely eat CDs for breakfast.

10. San gave some lace ribbon to Hongjoong to put over his eyes… and it’s easy to say that ATINYs are not okay.

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong | @K_reflections96/Twitter
| @K_reflections96/Twitter

11. Wooyoung never misses a chance to show how much he loves his members… even if they don’t always like the affection.

12. Jongho was really shook when Wooyoung decided to change the ending choreography during “Dancing with Butterfly Wings.”

13. There is a reason that Yeosang is known as the “statue” because his elegance and visuals are effortless.

14. Mingi during “Rocky” speaks for itself.

15. MATZ interactions will never get old, and ATEEZ’s choreography showcases the friendship between Seonghwa and Hongjoong perfectly.

16. If ATINY didn’t want the show to end, it seems like Hongjoong felt the same and even refused to leave the stage.

17. ATEEZ really knows how to melt ATINYs’ hearts with their ending speeches and showcasing how much they love their fans.


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