17 Reasons Why ATEEZ’s Mingi Is Missed So Very Much

We all want him to take care of himself first, though.

As ATINYs already know, ATEEZ‘s main rapper, Mingi, has been on hiatus since last year in order to take care of his mental health. While it’s wonderful that he’s taken the time to put his health first and focus on getting better, fans still miss him terribly!

Here are 17 reasons why fans miss the giant cutie of ATEEZ so much, and are all hoping that he feels able to perform again soon once he has fully recovered.

1. Just looking at his sweet smile is enough to make you feel better.

2. He shows affection so naturally and easily it’s just too precious.

3. Who wouldn’t miss this adorable (and hilarious) angel?

4. He’s the ultimate hype man for the other members, and it’s incredibly endearing!

5. We just all want to see him this happy and smiley all the time.

6. He’s so adorable when he gets shy.

7. Even though his sweetness is one of his many wonderful traits, there’s no denying how much fans miss his incredible charisma on stage too.

8. Soft moments like this between Mingi and the other ATEEZ members are so special.

9. Even during his difficult times, he’s always taking care of people he cares about.

10. He’s the king of duality!

11. He’s just too precious and pure for this world.

12. Just look at this adorable giant cutie.

13. His bright energy is always so infectious!

14. Hearing these kinds of stories about his sweetness never get old.

15. We miss his talent too!

16. His selcas just make everything feel a little better.

17. He loves ATINYs just as much as we love him!

At the end of the day, though, ATINYs want Mingi to prioritize his health over anything else, because we love and care immensely for him and just want him to feel better!

Take care, Mingi!


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