10+ Awe-Inspiring Fanart For BTS x Coldplay’s Collaboration Single “My Universe”

The lonely whale has made a friend!

Ever since BTS and Coldplay announced their collaboration single “My Universe,” fans have been excited and anticipating the release.

In the meantime, fans of the bands have been redeeming the time by making beautiful fanart inspired by the upcoming song. The fandoms perfectly use iconic imagery from both groups, BTS’s whale and the color purple and Coldplay’s octopus.

So, here are 10+ of the most awe-inspiring fanart for “My Universe:”

1. ARMY is at the center here of BTS and Coldplay’s universe

2. The new besties, ARMY, and Coldplayers

3. This gorgeous art perfectly blends the worlds of the two

4. The lonely whale is not so lonely anymore

5. The whale and octopus together swimming…

6. …and hugging

7. Some are extra creative with their designs

8. This colorful one perfectly captures the “My Universe” aesthetic

9. This cute octopus got its own ARMY bomb lightstick!

10. This should be a poster!

11. Even first-time fan artists are creating beautiful works of art

12. This looks so cinematic

13. We hope that ColdTan release official merch that looks this cool

14. And, of course, there are unlimited headers to choose from too!

These are so unbelievably beautiful too!

Many reimagined the official cover art for the single.

Some are incorporating more of the galaxy themes, including planets…

And, of course, let’s not forget our whale and octopus!

Source: Twitter