5 Stars That Have Done Baekhyun’s Candy Challenge

He has these idols feelin’ like Pop Rocks, strawberry, bubblegum

Puppy-eyed main vocal, Baekhyun of EXO released his second solo album, Delight, on the 25th of May, featuring title track, ‘Candy’. The catchy tune features a slow groove that mixes modern trap and an R&B vibe. Its especially addictive chorus narrates various candies and tastes including the iconic “got me feelin’ like Pop Rocks, strawberry, bubblegum”.

On May 26th, Baekhyun and the choreographer for the song, Kasper, uploaded a video to both TikTok and Instagram, calling for people to “do the candy challenge”, kicking off a new social media dance trend. As fans picked up on it, many other celebrities have begun showing their support for the hit song and its singer. Here is a list of 5 people that have participated in the challenge.

1. Lucas and Ten of WayV

Lucas and Ten were one of the first few to show their love, posting a late-night ‘gram that perfectly encapsulates both the song’s sweetness and their effervescent personalities.

2. VeriVeri’s Hoyoung 

VeriVeri’s Hoyoung covered the chorus, along with the caption, “Baekhyun sunbaenim’s Candy, which I’ve been enjoying listening to and watching recently! I’ve challenged the Candy Challenge as well!”

3. Bandmate Kai

Kai was one of the first few to show support for his fellow EXO member, posting the same day as Baekhyun did!

He accompanied it with the caption, “It’s been 3 seconds since I’ve learnt it so maybe I’m the start. It’s easy so everyone follow it!”

4. NCT’s Taeyong and Mark

Perhaps the most recent entry, the boys dropped their version of the challenge a week after the original launch, asking for everyone to “do the Candy”

5. Indie Singer O.B.O.N

Probably best known for his time on BOYS24, O.B.O.N is active as a model currently.

Bonus: Kim Jihyang and Go Yujin

Jihyang went viral twice in a year – for being the adorable dancer in Kang Daniel‘s 2U promotions as well as being Baekhyun’s dance partner in Candy! Her version of the challenge along with popular Produce 48’s contestant, Go Yujin, is up on Yujin’s Instagram page.