10+ Underappreciated Girl Group Visuals Who Deserve Way More Love

If these beauties aren’t on your bias list, they should be.

K-Pop has no shortage of beautiful people. In fact, it has so many that some killer visuals slip between the cracks and aren’t appreciated as much as they could be. Here, in no particular order, are 11 gorgeous goddesses who deserve more recognition!


1. Jihyo (TWICE)

Having 9 beautiful members makes it tough for all the girls’ good-looks to get the praise they deserve. Tzuyu often receives a lot of attention for her beauty, but Jihyo is just as stunning.

Her funny, outgoing personality shines through every smile!


2. Yukyung (ELRIS)

Yukyung is silly, cute, and a little 4D. Her silliness makes her doll-like features even more adorable.

Yukyung’s visuals are so delicate that it would be easy to mistake her for a fairy princess!


3. Yeri (Red Velvet)

Irene gets a lot of love for her sophisticated beauty, but Yeri brings her own visual charms to Red Velvet.

Maknae Yeri is a cheerful and energetic girl who manages to be both adorable and beautiful at the same time.


4. JiHo (OH MY GIRL)

JiHo is sometimes called “boyish” because she isn’t the type of girl who cares much about her looks…

…but that hasn’t stopped her from blossoming into a true beauty!


5. Yeonwoo (MOMOLAND)

Yeonwoo is just as beautiful as she is quirky.

Even if she wasn’t a celebrity, she would be sure to draw attention just by walking down the street!


6. Mijoo (Lovelyz)

Mijoo‘s natural beauty is, in a word, breathtaking. She can be cute and sexy at the same time, which makes it easy for her to pull off any concept.

Whether it’s on stage or off, Mijoo always looks incredible.


7. ZN (Laboum)

When it comes to girl group visuals, ZN‘s definitely stand out.

It’s hard to believe that these distinct, otherworldly visuals aren’t receiving as much recognition as should be.


8. Naeun (April)

If ZN is otherworldly, then Naeun is unreal. Her visuals are so striking and balanced that it’s hard to believe she exists.

This cheerful beauty definitely needs more love!


9. Umji (GFRIEND)

The world is only just starting to wake up to this hidden visual’s charms. For a long time, netizens claimed Umji was GFRIEND‘s “visual hole”, but after her weight loss these critics started to change their tune.

Umji has always been beautiful, but she is shining brighter now more than ever!


10. Luda (Cosmic Girls)

Luda is a living work of art but even a masterpiece can get lost in a museum or, in this case, a girl group with many gorgeous members!

Not a lot of people can pull off silver hair quite as well as Luda can!


11. Nayoung (Gugudan)

Nayoung is dorky , playful, carefree, funny, and glamorous.

This visual queen’s charisma is undeniable and her figure is just killer!