The Best Of BTS: Here Are The Top 10 “Run BTS!” Episodes, Selected By ARMYs Themselves

Binge time!

BTS‘s Run BTS! episodes are one of the many ways the group keeps connected to ARMYs. In these activity-driven episodes, BTS members get to drop their K-Pop idol stats for a bit — and show off their most natural (and hilarious) charms. ARMYs love Run BTS! as the episodes capture BTS’s real personalities. And since 2015, ARMYs have seen over a hundred episodes of Run BTS! on the group’s live broadcasting platform.

So, in case you’re thinking about watching — and need a good place to start, here are the top 10 episodes, selected by ARMYs themselves!

10. Avatar Cooking

A rather recent set of episodes 102 and 103, completing the “Avatar Cooking” episode, takes 10th place! As part of Run BTS! 2020, this episode captured members trying to cook in pairs of chefs and their avatars. The pure amount of chaos that came from kitchen-savvy members vs. clueless avatars had ARMYs rolling on the floor laughing!

9. Photoshoot

Also one of the more recent set of episodes 104, 105, and 106 to complete the “Photoshoot” episode comes in 9th place! In these episodes of Run BTS! 2020, members created avant-garde looks — and took on photoshoots amongst themselves. While the process had ARMYs laughing-crying, the final products came out to be stunning!

8. Old School Variety

Run BTS! 2017‘s episodes 30 and 31, making up the “Old School Variety” episode, win 8th place. In these old-but-gold episodes, BTS members tried to re-create “old school” Korean TV entertainment programs — filled with dance breaks, games, and nonstop laughter.

7. Save Bangtan Village

Episodes 47 and 48 from Run BTS! 2018, as part of the “Save Bangtan Village” episode, take 7th place! Also known to as one of the more legendary episodes to have produced GIFs of BTS members’ irresistible visuals in different uniforms — from police Junkook to banker Jin — these episodes had even ARMYs on their toes as the members tried to solve a mystery.

6. 100th Special

The 100th episode special — including episodes 100 and 101, along with the director’s cut — comes in 6th place! To celebrate Run BTS! program’s 100th episode, BTS members got to re-live some of their most beloved activities from the past episodes. ARMYs absolutely loved what turned out to be a “compilation” of the best of Run BTS!

5. PJ Party

Episodes 97 and 98 from Run BTS! 2020 win 5th place. For these episodes, BTS members invited ARMYs to their wildest PJ party yet. Dressed in hilarious PJs, members got to lounge and play games — while making ARMYs fall off their chairs with laughter!

4. BTS In Toronto

Run BTS! 2019‘s episodes 69, 70, and 71 which make up the “BTS In Toronto” episode take 4th place! Set in beautiful Canada, BTS members got to sightsee all the while completing random missions throughout the day. ARMYs couldn’t stop cracking up at the members who got desperate to win — as for the losers, a silly penalty awaited.

3. Happy Summer Camp

One of the more recent sets of episodes 83, 84, and 85 from Run BTS! 2019 comes in 3rd place. BTS took off to a popular summer vacation destination of Gapyeong in Korea and got soaking wet to blast the heat away. As the members played slippery wet games, ARMYs found themselves ugly-crying at the hours of absolute comedy!

2. Secret Santa

Run BTS! 2017‘s episodes 33 and 34, featuring a twisted game of “Secret Santa”, win 2nd place on this list of ARMY-approved Top 10 Run BTS! episodes! With BTS members scurried to complete their quests to secure their gifts from their Secret Santas, ARMYs fell in love with the members’ adorably competitive, yet

1. Picnic Day

Finally, the “Picnic Day” episodes 53 and 54 from Run BTS! 2018 is voted the best Run BTS! episode to exist. Still throned the most legendary episode two years since having been aired, these episodes capture BTS on “a picnic day” — and hilariously getting their butts whooped by the complexity of badminton and foot volleyball!