The 10+ Hottest Looks From The Stars On The “2022 MAMA Awards” Day One Red Carpet

Let’s just say the fourth-generation idols came to slay!

As the end of the year comes, it is the time when idols come together to celebrate their accomplishments at award shows. On November 29, it was the first of two days for the 2022 MAMA Awards, and it started with a red carpet event.

Here is a look at 10+ stars that completely stole the show with their looks on the first day of the 2022 MAMA Awards.

1. DKZ

Although most idols and stars at awards shows will showcase their personalities with their outfits, DKZ showed their unity with their cohesive looks. With different details on the jackets, the black and white looks truly shined, combined with the leather pants and embellishments in various colors.

2. Kep1er’s Xiaoting

All of Kep1er also kept a cohesive look with their outfits, focusing on whites and light pinks. When it came to Xiaoting, the idol looked like a true movie star in a simple white slip dress. As always, her height and proportions made the dress look even more beautiful. With just a simple statement necklace with her look, it allowed her visuals to stand out even more.

3. LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

While most idols chose to go with black looks, Sakura definitely stood out with her white ensemble. Although it seemingly stood out compared to the rest of the members, it worked perfectly. Not only did Sakura compliment Eunchae, who also had white and black, but also the rest of the members with her black belt.

4. LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon

Although Sakura stood out for her angelic white look, Chaewon’s black outfit almost looked inspired by something from ancient Greece. Although the design seemed minimalist, it was sleek and put together, looking like something off a catwalk. The studded belt on the skirt added extra details to make the look stand out.

5. Lee Jae Wook

Actor Lee Jae Wook is definitely one of the hottest stars, and his outfit showcased this. With different textures and styles, it was perfect for the young actor. The statement piece had to be the jacket. Unlike the other guests, Lee Jae Wook’s jacket incorporated the formality of a double-breasted blazer. Yet, the combination of pieces made it more comfortable and informal.

6. Kwak Yoon Gy

As one of the few non-idols on the red carpet, Olympian Kwan Yoon Gy truly made his presence felt on the carpet. Wearing a navy suit, he definitely showcased his outgoing personality. His bright pink hair made the look stand out from the usual black suits seen during awards shows.

7. Lee Jung Lee

YGX dancer Lee Jung Lee truly stood out with her unique look. While most stars went for formality, Lee Jung Lee combined several looks and styles for her outfit. With a base and shoes, the coat added extra street style and made it much more casual and suited to her personality.

8. Somi

As the host of the show, Somi truly ensured that she shone on the red carpet in a beautiful yellow dress.

Although the design was minimalistic, it perfectly worked with her blonde hair and gold jewelry. The whole vibe of the look seemed to replicate a Greek goddess as she made her way onto the stage. In particular, her height and proportions completed the look, mimicking a supermodel.

9. NMIXX’s Sullyoon

It seems impossible to have a best-dressed list without Sullyoon, as the NMIXX singer always captures the hearts of fans.

Like many of the stars, Sullyoon channeled her inner movie star with a simple, cinched dress with a gap at the waist. As expected for such a beautiful look, Sullyoon went simple on the hair and accessories to allow her beauty to shine.

10. TXT’s Yeonjun

Yeonjun is definitely one of the idols known for his taste in fashion, so it’s not surprising that he made the list of best-dressed.

The whole group surprised fans by wearing pieces from Yeonjun’s GQ x Burberry pictorial. Yeonjun chose something more formal and understated, going for a dark blue coat with feather details.

11. TXT’s Hueningkai

While many netizens had mixed views of Hueningkai’s look, it definitely stole the show.

Like the rest of the group, the youngest member went for an oversized look. Yet, the colors and designs were much bolder and brighter for Hueningkai, using different textures and patterns in each item. Although not everyone could pull it off, Hueningkai definitely did and deserved a place on the list.

12. Stray Kids’ I.N

Of course, all of the Stray Kids members completely slayed with their looks and personalities on the red carpet.

Yet, it was something about youngest member I.N’s look that truly captured the hearts of fans. Even with a simple suit, the necktie made I.N look like something from a period drama, giving him main character vibes.