10+ Of The Best Moments From Girls’ Generation’s 15th Anniversary “Long Lasting Love” Fan Meeting

“We will be Girls’ Generation in our next life.”

Girls’ Generation held their 15th-anniversary fan meeting, 2022 Girls’ Generation Special Event- Long Lasting Love, just hours ago.

(From left to right) Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Yuri, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun | @GirlsGeneration/Twitter

The sold-out event was held in person at KSPO Dome and was also live-streamed for fans who couldn’t be in attendance.

The fan meeting proved to be a night to remember as Girls’ Generation sang some of their newer songs along with their biggest hits. The event was filled with both fun and emotional moments. Here are some of the best moments that every SONE needs to see!

1. Seohyun and Yuri’s bodybuilding poses

As Seohyun and Yuri arrived at the KSPO Dome, they both playfully posed like bodybuilders for their photos.

2. The group’s sibling-like antics

As the group posed for a photo with fans, the members kept calling leader Taeyeon in opposite directions, causing her to say she felt like she was being called like her dog Zero.

Later, when Girls’ Generation took their final bow, maknae Seohyun couldn’t help lightening the emotional moment by knocking into Sunny, who fell into Sooyoung.

3. Sooyoung’s ending fairy featuring Hyoyeon

Sooyoung went viral last month for expertly using a hair flip to spice up the “FOREVER 1” choreography. She again showcased her talent to fans, completely dedicating herself to the move and getting her hair stuck in her face in the process.

While performing “FOREVER 1,” Hyoyeon helped recreate Sooyoung’s ending fairy by hilariously lifting Sooyoung’s hair up herself.

4. Yoona’s rap and Sooyoung’s “Villain” choreography

Sooyoung showed off the choreography she created for “Villain,” which was co-written by herself and Tiffany. Yoona joined in, flexing her rap skills.

5. Their 2022 “Gee” outfits

When Girls’ Generation’s mega-hit “Gee” came out in 2009, the era’s outfits were defined by their colorful skinny jeans and neon pink, yellow, and green shorts.

For the 2022 version, the group switched it up with colorful pastel pleated skirts.

6. The emotional fan letters

Girls’ Generation tearfully read heartfelt fan letters from SONEs during the fan meeting. The moment had the group and fans in person and online emotional.

7. Taeyeon’s visuals being compared to Naevis

When Taeyeon was featured on the jumbo screen, the members compared her visuals to SM Entertainment‘s metaverse avatar, Naevis.

Naevis | SMTOWN/YouTube

In response, Taeyeon mouthed aespa‘s “Naevis, calling” line from their song “Black Mamba.”

8. A performance of “Genie” with sailor uniforms

Girls’ Generation performed their 2009 hit song “Genie” during their fan meeting and brought back their iconic matching sailor uniforms.

9. Tiffany switching up her legendary “Genie” line

While performing “Genie,” Tiffany switched up her classic “DJ, put it back on” line and instead hyped up the crowd by saying, “SONEs, let me hear you scream.

10. Performing their debut song 15 years later

Another powerful moment from the show was when Girls’ Generation performed their 2007 debut song, “Into The New World,” 15 years after its release.

11. Sunny hilariously making up different reasons for her tears

Throughout the night, Girls’ Generation struggled to hold back tears as their fellow members and loving fans surrounded them. As Sunny became emotional, she jokingly made excuses for her teary eyes, blaming it on being “sick” and, on a separate occasion, blaming it on “allergies.”

12. The powerful fan chants

SONE proved there is no fandom like them as their fan chants were loud and clear, almost drowning out the performance itself.

13. The incredible pink ocean

Girls’ Generation didn’t receive their official lightstick until 2018, a year after the group went on hiatus. For the first time, SONEs were able to greet the group with their official lightstick and turn the KSPO Dome into an incredible pink ocean.

14. The creative hand banner project to show Girls’ Generation unending love and support

Girls’ Generation’s members were touched when they looked into the audience and saw the hand banners SONEs had prepared.

Half of the crowd held banners that said, “Please be Girls’ Generation members in your next life,” while the other side had banners that heartwarmingly promised, “Then I’ll also be a SONE again.

15. Spoiling SONE with a second encore

Finally, at the end of the concert, SONEs chanted for one more song, wanting to hold onto the precious moment with Girls’ Generation after five years apart.

The members happily obliged and performed a fan-favorite song, “Party.”

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