Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung Goes Viral After Their First Music Show Stage In Years, And It’s For The Best Reason

Can her hair get a fancam?

Girls’ Generation had their first music show stage at Music Bank for “FOREVER 1.” Besides the waves of nostalgia and excitement SONEs felt, everyone couldn’t help but notice one thing about Sooyoung: her hair.

On their recent Knowing Bros appearance, the members pointed out that whenever Sooyoung dances, she has a habit of using her hair to help her stand out.

아는형님 Knowingbros/YouTube

Hyoyeon imitated Sooyoung, showing the original and then Sooyoung’s version. While it might seem exaggerated, the rest of the members, including Sooyoung herself, couldn’t help but laugh and agree that Hyoyeon was on point.

Seohyun couldn’t resist joining in on the teasing and did her own rendition of Sooyoung while performing, saying that Sooyoung flipped her hair to the point of tangling.

Sooyoung made an excuse for why her hair seemed to take a life of its own. Sooyoung has thicker hair than the rest of the girls, so even small movements cause her hair to fly.

Her excuse immediately flopped, however, as she followed up by saying that she did purposely flip her hair, especially when she’s at the center.

For her, she felt like the original choreography didn’t have enough charm, so to make it more exciting, she made use of her hair.

The side-by-side comparison shows how much Sooyoung utilizes her hair to spice up the choreography.

And she doesn’t only do that for one part; for any of the choreography that she feels doesn’t have enough appeal, she fully uses her hair to add to her charm.

While Sooyoung’s logic made sense, Yuri brought up one point that K.O.ed Sooyoung’s argument. Sooyoung was the member that emphasized being in sync the most and keeping the same vibe, but she herself was doing more to stand out.

Everything was said out of goodwill, so while the girls were absolutely savage to Sooyoung, it’s not like either side was wrong. And when the girls had their first stage for “FOREVER 1,” Sooyoung surpassed everyone’s expectations with her hair flips.

Sooyoung looks amazing on stage, as do the rest of the girls. It’s been so long since Girls’ Generation have done a music broadcast together, so hyping up Sooyoung’s hair proves that Girls’ Generation is back, and their spot at the top is unshakable.

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