Best Tweet Reactions To NCT’s Chaotic Twitter Space Event

They get an A for effort. 😂

NCT was the first K-Pop group to use Twitter Spaces, and the entire experience was as chaotic as NCTzens expected. And not even half the members were present!

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

If you missed the event and would like to know what happened, here is a thread of some of the best Twitter reactions to catch up on the whole situation:

1. Jeno talking to himself (and NCTzens) because the others couldn’t hear him

2. Someone just help the poor boy

3. Just NCT having a group call with NCTzens who couldn’t speak

4. In other words just chaos, and NCTzens silently watching and laughing

5. NCT and NCTzens struggling with technology as usual

6. They really tried their best 😂

7. The struggle of international fans as always

8. Truly legendary

9. TLDR:

10. All jokes aside, the event was great and we can’t wait for more!


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