5 BIGBANG Hairstyles That Should Never Be Forgotten

G-Dragon’s “seaweed hair” has some stiff competition for the most memorable style.

BIGBANG is a group known for going above and beyond with original concepts and matching hairstyles. While hungry fans wait for this legendary group to re-emerge with yet another weird and wonderful comeback, here are some hairstyles that illustrate just how enigmatic BIGBANG has always been.

1. Taeyang

Taeyang’s look in the “MONSTER” music video is eye-catching for many reasons, including the oversized (somewhat dangerous-looking) earrings and the unique outfit. It’s the hairstyle, though, that had fans captured. Much like an inkblot test, this hairstyle divided opinions about what exactly they were looking at. Beyond the bewilderment, however, fans were impressed by his dedication to the concept.

2. T.O.P

“Fantastic Baby” gave fans many things to enjoy: one of those things being T.O.P’s ice-blue hair. Prior to this era, he had donned silver hair for quite some time. The change to this shivering shade of frozen blue was a welcome change, which added to the intensity of the rapper’s charismatic gaze.

3. Daesung

Before “Bang Bang Bang” promotions, Daesung’s hairstyles were relatively safe. He rarely experimented with daring colors or cuts. It was, therefore, a surprising revelation when he took to the stage apparently visually hindered by his own bangs. While seemingly conservative in comparison to his fellow members, the curtain of hair covering Daesung’s warm eye smile was most definitely memorable.

4. G-Dragon

It would be practically a sin not to mention the group leader’s seaweed hairstyle. The fashionista king of K-Pop has a knack for transforming his hair in ways unimaginable to most. G-Dragon’s eye-catching hairstyles tend to avoid practicality and uniformity, but uniquely, are loved and remembered with fondness by all who are lucky enough to have witnessed them.

5. G-Dragon (again)

And let’s face it – has there ever been another K-Pop idol (in the presence of a tiger) with yellow, braided pigtails? G-Dragon sure is recognizably one of a kind, and the rest of the BIGBANG members carry the title alongside him.

It would be an understatement to say that BIGBANG’s next comeback will surely have spectacular performances, decorated with hairstyles that will never be replicated.