10 BLACKPINK Fan Struggles That New BLINKs Will Never Understand

Can you relate?

What makes a true BLINK? Trick question! All BLINKs are true fans in BLACKPINK‘s eyes. That said, there are some struggles that only old-school fans can relate to. Check them out!

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

1. The “5 Songs” era that went on forever

2. Waiting for a comeback like:

3. Before TikTok, BLINKs had Vine

4. Being spoiled with teasers

5. The “YG Dungeon”

6. “Never heard of her.”

7. When you had to treat each new BLACKPINK song “As If It’s Your Last”

8. A full album? They waited for years!

9. This savage slap of reality

10. For US BLINKS: Having to wait for an album because it’s not sold locally

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