8 Times BLACKPINK’s Fashion Was In Style But “Out Of Stock”

They are called the “sold out queens” for a reason.

Recently, Blackpink was crowned sixth in Rolling Stone’s list of “25 Most Stylish Musicians in 2023″––and deservedly so.

| Rolling Stone

Whether it be concert attire, fashion show gowns, or simply their daily looks, the four BLACKPINK members always show up in style. And whatever they wear, fans are quick to find out where it’s from and even quicker to go out and purchase it for themselves.

There have been numerous occasions where an item they wore—whether it was for a photoshoot or while shopping with a friend—went out of stock.

Let’s take a look at some of their “sold out” moments throughout the years.

1. Jennie’s COS Bag

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is known for having a powerful “Jennie Effect”. Therefore, when Jennie posted her cute mirror selfies from Paris, fans could not help but notice and want her white fluffy bag.

Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

The $99 USD bag from the brand COS was instantly sold out everywhere and it became a fashion trend in Korea and other parts of the world. In fact, because the original COS bag is hard to purchase, many people buy bags that look like the original, as many shopping malls released “dupe” bags that look very similar to the “Jennie bag”.

| COS Official Website

People really love this bag but nobody loves it more than Jennie, who wears it everywhere—even on her bike ride in Paris!

Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

2. Lisa’s S_S.IL Necklace

In 2020, when Lisa modeled for Moonshot cosmetics, people did not only see her beautiful face and makeup––they noticed her dainty and colorful beaded necklace.

| Allure Korea

The necklace was revealed to be from the jewelry brand S_S.IL and the ₩158,000 KRW (about $125 USD) necklace was sold out quickly.

| S_S.IL Official Website

The owner of the jewelry brand even posted a picture of Lisa on the brand’s official Instagram, commenting on how amazing Lisa looks in the necklace and how she expects the necklace to be sold out soon.

Lisa | @s_s.il_official/Instagram

BLACKPINK Lisa pulled off the Color Stone N necklace so beautifully! Doesn’t the necklace in the photoshoot go really well with Lisa’s bubbly charm? Don’t miss out on the Color Stone N that is expected to be sold out soon after today!

— S_S.IL Instagram account

This is definitely not the first time Lisa has sold out items she has worn. She was once recognized for selling out a $5,900 USD watch in less than twelve hours.

3. Jisoo’s EMIS Cap

On Instagram, Jisoo posted a carousel of fun moments on her Paris trip with the caption “More Paris pictures 🥖”.

Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

In the post, there are photos of her enjoying Disneyland Paris in a Simba hat, eating a Mickey-Mouse shaped pizza, drinking tea, and a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower. However, in one of the mirror selfies of Jisoo sitting on the floor, fans noticed her blue hat.

Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram 

This corduroy hat was discovered to be from the brand EMIS, and the ₩39,000 KRW (about $30.90 USD) hat was soon sold out.

| EMIS Official Website

It looks as if Jisoo really likes this EMIS hat as she once posted a photo wearing a red version as well.

Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram 

4. Rose’s LUV IS TRUE Vest

When BLACKPINK attended KBank‘s online fan meeting in Thailand, Rose wore a black beret and a gray checkered dress with black roses on it, and posted a cute #ootd on Instagram.

Rose | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Fans immediately searched for her dress, which actually turned out to be a vest and skirt from the brand LUV IS TRUE.

| WConcept Official Website

No longer being sold on LUV IS TRUE’s official website, the ₩63,000 KRW (about $50.00 USD) vest can be found on W Concept‘s online shopping mall, but of course, it is sold out.

5. Jennie’s GENTLE MONSTER Sunglasses

Jennie is famous for her own line of sunglasses in a collection called “Jentle Garden” with the brand GENTLE MONSTER.

She can be seen wearing her eyewear designs quite often. This one in particular, called “Lesyeuxdenini 02”, has crystal stones along the frame and it was—along with every other item in her collection––sold out.

| Gentle Monster Official Website

The “Lesyeuxdenini 02” was even popular among other K-Pop stars, such as Jessie, Krystal from f(x), and Uhm Junghwa, who posted pictures of them wearing a pair.

6. Jisoo’s Dior Bag

As Dior‘s brand ambassador, Jisoo is often carrying one of Dior’s many bags wherever she goes. When Dior posted photos of Jisoo holding a small Dior Caro bag, the cute cloud blue bag caught the attention of many.

While other Caro bags of different colors are still in stock, the exact size and color Jisoo wore in the photo was sold out.

| @iblink4blinkz/Twitter

Jisoo is definitely thriving in her role as the global brand ambassador for Dior. It’s no wonder that Dior’s public relations manager, Mathilde Favier, adores Jisoo and even once told her at a Dior Couture show, “You are the most famous.”

7. Lisa’s Adidas Pants

When Lisa posted a simple photo of herself wearing a denim jacket and black trousers, fans were quick to analyze her outfit from head to toe.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Fans quickly discovered that her pants were from adidas as part of a collaboration with Danielle Cathari, and it was quickly out of stock.

| @iblink4blinkz/Twitter

However, it was not only the adidas pants that was sold out. Her Andersson Bell denim jacket and even her Bottega Veneta clutch was sold out as well, truly proving Lisa to be a “sold out queen”.

8. Rose’s The Row Bag

While Rose was casually shopping with Jisoo, she posted an Instagram update where she was seen dressed in a chic outfit: in a dark color palette with a black hat, black mask, and black coat.

Rose | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

However, it was the brown leather bag from the brand The Row that caught the fans’ attention. Although the bag costs around $1,990 USD, it did not stop fans from purchasing the bag, and yet again, the bag was sold out.

With all the influence BLACKPINK has over the fashion market, it’s no wonder why each of them are brand ambassadors for designer brands and so many brands want them to wear their products. Their “sold out” effect is undeniable, and it truly shows the power and influence they have over not only the music world, but the fashion world.

Which item will they sell out next?

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