Here Are The 7 Sweetest Beauty Moments You Might Have Missed In BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” MV

BRB, trying #2 now.

Allure recently delved into the plethora of playful and whimsical looks that came from BLACKPINK‘s latest hit music video, “Ice Cream.” From sparkling makeup to wild hair colors, here are their choices for the top 7 beauty moments.

1. Lisa’s Glittery Lips

Lisa went for an all-over glitter effect by dousing both her eyelids and her magenta pout in sparkles.

| Allure

Paired with a cat-eye and the return of her long hair, her second verse is as fun to watch as it is to listen to.

2. Jennie’s Watercolor Eye Makeup

Jennie plays with pastels on her lids, blending together a hot pink, lavender, and mint shadow for a sweet look.

| Allure

She stays on theme with her choice of soft, girly colors.

3. Rosé’s Butterfly Clip Braid

Rosé participates in the 90’s throwback trend of butterfly clips by placing them throughout her braid.

| Allure

Unfortunately, there are no close-ups of the hairstyle throughout the video (but that totally won’t stop us from attempting to try it).

4. Selena’s Retro Pin-up Look

Selena rocks a variety of pin-up-inspired looks throughout the video, including this silk-printed headscarf and heavy liner.

Her sailor look at the beginning is totally gorgeous, as well.

5. Lisa’s Nails and Face Stickers

Lisa rocks some jelly nails, a Korean nail art trend, that pair nicely with the assortment of colorful stickers on the tops of her cheeks that extend above her eyes.

| Allure

In the exciting scenes towards the end, almost every shot is eye candy for beauty and trend lovers!

6. Jisoo’s Romantic Pink Makeup and Soft Waves

Jisoo has the most consistent looks out of all the BLACKPINK members, but that doesn’t mean she chose to be basic.

| Allure

Whether she’s rocking her soft romantic curls and pink shadow or goes for a classic liner look, she kills it every time.

7. Lisa’s Bright Mint Green Hair

Lisa’s hair changes many times throughout the video, but her stunning mint hair is the most eye-catching.

| Allure

She proves she’s a master of pulling off every hair color and style imaginable!

Check out all of the looks and more in the music video below!

Source: Allure


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