10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Turned The Airport Into Her Own Personal Runway

#6 is so iconic!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie never fails to turn the airport into her own personal runway!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Here are some of Jennie’s best airport looks!

1. Cool and casual

How does she manage to make even sweatpants look glamorous?

2. A vision in red

Jennie looks absolutely gorgeous in her red Chanel sweater!

3. She’s so fabulous

This Jennie lives in our minds rent free!

4. Queen of crop tops

This look will forever be iconic!

5. Casual elegance

This cute outfit is everything!

6. So sophisticated

She looks so fancy in this sweater dress!

7. We’ll never be over her orange hair

She looks so good with her new fiery hair!

8. Effortlessly cool

Even in an oversized tee, Jennie still looks as fabulous as ever!

9. Obsessed with this look

She was born to be a fashion icon!

10. Business casual

She looks like she’s off on the most glamorous business trip ever!

11. Chanel cutie

We’ll never get tired of seeing Jennie in Chanel!


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