BLINKs Compile BLACKPINK Jennie’s 11 Most Hilarious And Iconic “Red Flags”

Only Jennie would do #8. 🀣

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a walking green flag. However, when it comes to her quirky and adorable habits, BLINKs couldn’t help but name her funniest “red flag” moments on Twitter! Check out all of Jennie’s questionable moments below.

1. When she used a knife as a fork

2. When she put the milk before the cereal

3. When she wanted her own music played in the club

4. When she made up lyrics at concerts

5. When she used this as her excuse

6. When she gave the most savage replies

7. When she ate tomato ice cream

8. When she was showing off her height but had platform shoes on

9. When she was caught with expired food…multiple times

10. When she didn’t pass the cockroach question

11. When she admitted she doesn’t like cilantro