10+ Cutest Moments Between BLACKPINK’s Jennie And WINNER From “The Game Caterers 2” That Show Off Their Friendship

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BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and WINNER‘s Mino and Jinwoo have a close relationship both behind and in front of the cameras! The trio recently guested on Episodes 7 and 8 of The Came Caterers 2 alongside fellow YG Entertainment artists. Their friendship was highlighted through several games and behind the scenes shots.

Check out some of their best moments below.

1. When they were friends since trainee days

Jennie befriended Jinwoo first as trainees who both entered the company in 2010.

2. When they called Jennie “beautiful”

Prior to filming, Mino and Jinwoo visited Jennie in her makeup room and praised her star power and beauty.

Today we’re here to meet the girl of every man’s dream, the shining solo, Jennie. We heard that she was getting ready here, so here we are! You look beautiful.

— Mino

3. When they promised to take care of her

She asked them to stay by her side during the show to “take care” of her well.

Jennie: You guys (oppas) have to take care of me well.

Mino: From both sides?

Jennie: Yeah, just like that. Jinwoo oppa here and Mino oppa here.

Jinwoo: Like this?

Mino: We’ll take care of you like this.

Jennie: I’ll look forward to it

4. When they treated Jennie like the star she is

Mino clapped the moment he saw Jennie enter the filming area and the entire room even stood up as well.

5. When Mino wanted Jennie to dance in front

During the “guess the song” game, Mino prompted Jennie to take center stage for her own song “Playing with Fire.”

6. When Mino hyped up Jennie

He was always 100% supportive!

7. When Mino got the group name wrong

Jennie playfully slapped Mino as soon as he answered “ENFP” (a type of MBTI personality) instead of the group “EXID” when asked who sang “UP & DOWN.”

8. When they had little talks during the games

They were definitely comfortable in each other’s presence.

9. When Jennie playfully pushed him

Like normal friends, they were playful as well!

10. When Jennie and Jinwoo looked at each other instinctually

They even had the exact same facial expressions.

11. When they argued non-stop

Like the best friends they are, they argued non-stop.

12. When they wanted to beat each other

Finally, Mino narrowly beat Jennie in one game and was willing to give his trophy to her. She joked that he should have pretended to lose instead!

Mino: I’m weak-hearted so I’ll give this to Jennie instead.

Jennie: No thanks, you won. You could’ve let me win.

Check out the latest episode of The Game Caterers 2 below.

Source: YouTube
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