WINNER’s Mino And Jinu Showcase Their Amazing Friendship With BLACKPINK’s Jennie

The flirting was too much for Jennie 😂

It seems as if idols from the same company are showcasing their friendship more and more, driving netizens crazy with their interactions. In particular, the idols from YG Entertainment have recently gained attention from fans after they took part in “The Game Caterers.”

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Ahead of the final episode released on March 4 (KST), the YG Twitter account shared some artists’ videos. One that particularly had fans falling in love was with WINNER‘s Mino and Jinu and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie!

In the clip, Mino walked into a makeup room and seemed very excited by the person they were going to introduce, and it was none other than Jennie.

Today we’re here to meet the girl of every man’s dream, the shining solo, Jennie. We heard that she was getting ready here, so here we are!

— WINNER’s Mino

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As soon as they walked through the door, both Mino and Jinu had the biggest smiles on their faces. Mino then asked Jennie how she was, but it seemed like the idol was surprised by her guests, as she added, “How can you surprise me like this when I’m getting ready?

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Luckily, the senior artists were more capable of making Jennie feel at ease and Mino even added, “You look beautiful,” as she seemed to shy away from the camera while getting her makeup done.

Jennie then showcased the idols’ friendship by adding, “Don’t say,Is this your first time hearing that?” which netizens think could be an inside joke.

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As Jinwoo joked that Jennie should be ready at any time when the red light of the camera comes on, showing that they are recording, the BLACKPINK singer pointed out that it was up to the WINNER members to take care of her.

Jennie: You guys (oppas) have to take care of me well.

Mino: From both sides?

Jennie: Yeah, just like that. Jinwoo oppa here and Mino oppa here.

Jinu: Like this?

Mino: We’ll take care of you like this.

Jennie: I’ll look forward to it

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When the clip was shared, netizens couldn’t get over how good the friendship was between the idols. They loved how the three could have fun with each other and ho

Even though netizens might not see it often, there is nothing better than seeing idols interact. Despite debuting years apart, WINNER seems to be true older brothers to Jennie and are always on hand to protect her and have fun.

You can read more about the interactions between YG Entertainment artists below.

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