BLACKPINK’s Lisa Can’t Stop Gushing Over Her 5 Cats In An Interview With ELLE Korea

Her heart is full of love for Leo, Luca, Lily, Louis, and Lego ❤️

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently featured in an interview with ELLE Korea where she answered 20 questions about herself. Throughout the interview, she was frequently asked about her adorable cats Leo, Luca, Lily, Louis, and Lego.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Every time it happened, she couldn’t help but gush over them! Check out her answers to the five questions about her cats below.

1. Any photos you took recently?

Lisa shared that the most recent photo she took was of her first cat, Leo. “A photo of Leo! A photo of my cat.

Considering how Leo is also the wallpaper on her phone, this may not come as a surprise to fans!

2. Cats or bangs?

Lisa is famous for her signature bangs, but she’d give them up for the sake of her cats. When asked to choose between the two, she chose her cats without a moment’s hesitation. “Cats. I can’t give up on cats.

3. What are the names of your cats?

Just last month, Lego became the newest addition to Lisa’s family. By joining Leo, Luca, Lily, and Louis, he became the fifth kitten in the fold.

4. What is the best thing about being a cat owner?

Lisa shared that the happiest moments as a cat lover is when they voluntarily sleep on her lap.

When I am chosen by the cats. You know, cats like to be alone, but when they come to me and sleep on my lap, it makes me feel like the chose one, and that feels so good. Those are my happiest moments.

— Lisa

5. What do you want to show people with LILI FILM?

Finally, when asked what’s in store for LILI Film, Lisa shared that she wants to involve her cats in it, “Fans have told me that they want to see me with my cats, so I want to do something with my cats.” Hopefully, that ingenious idea will push through!

Without a doubt, Lisa’s love for her cats knows no limits—and they’re the luckiest in the world to have her as their mom!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
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