4 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Made Sure Park Bo Gum Wasn’t Left Out At The CELINE Fashion Show

She made sure the actor didn’t feel left out beside the two K-Pop idols.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, actor Park Bo Gum, and BTS‘s V set the internet on fire with their friendly interactions and stunning visuals at the CELINE fashion show in Paris. While Park Bo Gum was spotted being the ultimate gentleman by giving Lisa his jacket, he wasn’t the only one overflowing with kindness. Here are four times eagle-eyed fans spotted Lisa making sure Park Bo Gum wasn’t left out during the event.

BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and Park Bo Gum. | AP Photo/Francois Mori

1. Front And Center

As the two K-Pop idols posed for the many cameras waiting to capture their visuals and stylish outfits, Lisa noticed that someone was missing.

Making sure that all three of them were in the spotlight, Lisa gently pulled Park Bo Gum to stand beside them for the photos.

2. Where’s Park Bo Gum?

As V and Lisa walked down the stairs with their security guards, Lisa once again noticed they were one person short and turned around to look for Park Bo Gum.

Lisa and V stopped walking and waited for Park Bo Gum to join them, with the actor quickly saying something to Lisa when he finally did.

3. Finding Park Bo Gum

When V and Lisa were taking in all of the fans and people waiting to welcome them to Paris, it didn’t take Lisa any time to find Park Bo Gum in the distance.

With a bright smile, Lisa waited for Park Bo Gum to join them once again, briefly chatting with him.

4. Breaking The Ice

Lisa continued to make sure Park Bo Gum didn’t feel left out by talking with him any chance she could.

All of these sweet moments were so heartwarming to fans that they went viral on TikTok with close to a million views. Check out the kind interactions between Lisa and Park Bo Gum here.


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