Park Bo Gum Proves To Be A True Gentleman Towards BLACKPINK’s Lisa At The CELINE Paris Fashion Show

Park Bo Gum proved his true personality to everyone he met!

When it comes to actors who are sweet and handsome enough to melt the hearts of netizens worldwide, Park Bo Gum is always at the top of the list. Since making his acting debut, Park Bo Gum has charmed K-Drama fans with his innocent visuals, diverse talent, and just being a pure soul.

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It was recently announced that, alongside bestie BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, Park Bo Gum headed to Paris for the CELINE Paris Fashion Week show. Even at the airport, the actor charmed netizens with his style and visuals.

From the minute that Park Bo Gum landed, he has constantly been praised for being a true gentleman to everyone around him. When all three of the celebrities arrived at the hotel, the actor was seen taking gifts for V and Lisa as the rules are generally stricter for idols.

With more relaxed rules for Park Bo Gum, he really used his trip to Paris to showcase just how much of a gentleman he is. Wherever he went, Park Bo Gum made sure to take time to chat with fans, take selfies, and just be the purest person in the world.

It seems like no matter what he was doing, someone was ready to praise the idol for his manners and personality.

When it came to the main event, which was the CELINE Paris Fashion Week show, Park Bo Gum truly served visuals with a simplistic black suit and jackets with the same statement necklace as V.

Throughout the event, netizens couldn’t stop gushing about Park Bo Gum and Lisa, who had the sweetest interactions. It seemed like whenever the trio was surrounded by media, Lisa always ensured that Park Bo Gum wasn’t forgotten about.

Yet, netizens think they noticed something after the show that truly cements Park Bo Gum’s status as the best boy.

Although Lisa looked absolutely stunning in her outfit, the idol would’ve gotten cold as the night went on, especially as everyone made their way to the after-party. In pictures from the after-party, Lisa seems to be holding a jacket that would definitely have kept her warm.

| @pinkyvarshi/Twitter
| @pinkyvarshi/Twitter

Netizens later noticed that at the after-party, Park Bo Gum wasn’t wearing anything apart from the turtleneck he had worn to the main event. Of course, it meant everyone thought that the actor had been a pure gentleman and given his jacket to Lisa.

| @pinkyvarshi/Twitter

Although some seemed skeptical as it looked very different from the long trench coat Park Bo Gum was wearing, many pointed out that the actor was wearing two coats, with one being shorter than the one everyone could see. It hasn’t been confirmed but if it is the case, Park Bo Gum is truly the sweetest man ever.

| @pinkyvarshi/Twitter

It wasn’t even the only moment that Bo Gum was praised for his behavior towards Lisa. When Lisa was leaving the hotel to go to the car, she was signing something and Park Bo Gum made sure to wait for her.

Even when they were at the after-party even and Lisa went to greet actor Eddie Redmayne, Park Bo Gum was always there, even if it was just for support.

When the tweet was shared by a user, it quickly gained attention with over 17,000 likes and nearly 5,000 retweets. As expected, netizens couldn’t get over the friendship between Park Bo Gum and Lisa. Throughout the event, the three celebrities proved to be truly caring for each other and shut down any ideas of fan wars.

You can read more about the adorable interactions between Park Bo Gum, V, and Lisa below.

BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, And Park Bo Gum Shut Down All Fan Wars With Their Interactions At CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show

Source: @pinkyvarshi

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