10 BLACKPINK Lisa And Rosé Moments From Their Latest Live Video That Are So Sweet, We’re Getting A Toothache

#5 is simply precious.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Rosé recently held a live broadcast featuring just the two of them. As same-age friends who have been with each other since pre-debut, they are as close as can be.

It is thus no surprise that some of their words and actions during the video were the definitions of sweet. Check them out below!

1. When they ate steak

First up, Lisa convinced Rosé to cook her a special meal of steak, and she did!

2. When Rosé fed Lisa

She even cooled it down for her and fed it lovingly.

3. When Lisa initiated a hug

There’s no doubt that Lisa is a cuddly one.

4. When they said, “I love you, randomly

They’re the sweetest!

5. When Lisa swept Rosé away

She staked her claim.

6. When they both said, “What!”

They follow each other’s lead.

7. When they were chaotic

Lisa shimmied down the moment Rosé tried to feed her.

8. When Lisa confessed to Rosé

She casually told her, “I like you.”

9. When they did challenges together

They were two pretty friends doing the “GAL” challenge.

10. Finally, when Lisa was clingy AF

And Rosé was all smiles!

One thing’s for sure, their friendship is absolutely precious.