Here Are 10+ Moments That Prove BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is The Queen Of Short Hair

She’s flawless in #4. 😍

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa can make any style work for her. However, short hair brings out her fierce and confident side, making her even more charismatic. Check out these 10+ moments she proved this is her look!

1. Doing her fierce rap in “Ice Cream”

2. Being the ending fairy for “How You Like That”

3. Trying out a new color like bright green

4. Having the gaze of a queen

5. Slaying the stage — and those blonde highlights

6. Rocking some wavy hair

7. The passionate eyes of a rookie

8. Showing her charisma every day

9. Being pure and angelic AF with animals

10. Dazzling on stage

11. Watch until the end!

12. Looking like the princess she is

13. Being a natural beauty

14. The master of the stage

15. Snatching fans with every hair flip

16. Being a model for MAC Cosmetics

Lisa for MAC Cosmetics. | MAC

17. Looking adorable when she’s confused

18. Slaying the airport like a runway

19. Her effortlessly gorgeous laugh

20. She really owns the short hair look!