5 Ways The BLACKPINK Members Relieve Stress

Here’s what the girls are doing when they’re relaxing.

Because BLACKPINK has been hard at work on their BORN PINK world tour, the girls sometimes need a break to recharge. During an interview with iHeartRadio, the host EJ asked the group how they relieve stress despite being so busy. So here are the five things BLACKPINK are doing when they’re sitting back and relaxing.

BLACKPINK in Dallas, Texas for their “BORN PINK” tour. | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

1. Staying In Bed

After getting up early and spending long hours practicing or recording, BLACKPINK is just like everyone else who wants to do the opposite. Earning EJ’s approval, Jennie said, “I stay in bed.

2. Eating Good Food

Going hand in hand with staying in bed, Jennie couldn’t forget the second-best part. She added, “Eat something good, like really good, and stay in bed.

EJ was still on board, along with Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa, who agreed they were on “the same page” as well.

3. Watching Netflix

Though breakfast in bed is fantastic all on its own, some entertainment wasn’t unwelcome. As Lisa agreed, Rosé shared her enjoyment of watching “a lot of Netflix.

4. Playing With Pets

Since BLACKPINK has so many pets they shower with love, it was only natural for them to receive love and become reenergized from cuddling and playing with them.

5. Online Shopping

To finish their list of simple pleasures, Lisa mentioned the joys of online shopping. Rosé agreed, “Shopping is fun.” There was one downside, though.

Jennie and EJ agreed that an item’s actual size remains a mystery until it arrives. Jennie said, “That’s a problem for online shopping. I’ll never know until it’s in my hands.

Watch BLACKPINK’s five relaxation tips that may also help you refill your energy.


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