BLACKPINK’s Self-Decorated Cakes Show Off Their Different Personalities, Here’s How

According to Jisoo, 2021 is the “shining new year for me!”

BLACKPINK wrapped up the year with a special “2021 Seasons Greetings” made for fans. Besides taking photo booth pictures and playing games, they also had fun decorating their own cakes.

Each member had vastly different designs that showed off their unique personalities. Check them out below!

1. Lisa

First up, Lisa was originally going to make a cute purple cake, but she ended up changing her mind in lieu of something with a deeper meaning.

She covered her cake with black frosting and called it “Pearl in the Dark”. Like the optimistic girl that she is, she made the confectionary stand for hope during troubled times.

New year, [so dark] but you are pearls. So it’s ‘Pearl in the Dark’. 

— Lisa

2. Jennie

Like Lisa, Jennie also named her cake “Pearls” but in the context of “Pearls in My Sea”. Her loving personality stood out when she placed gummy bears in between the pearls, representing her and BLINKs.

I thought it would be cute to put some pearls in the sea. Then I put BLINKs in between the pearls because we are always together. And I’m in the middle.

— Jennie

3. Jisoo

Jisoo’s had a bright banana-themed cake that stood out from the rest. Though her members joked that it represented bumblebees, durian, and pollock roe mustard, it actually meant something much simpler: a “shy greeting”.

The letter “J” on top of the cake stood for Jisoo. Like the confident singer-actress that she is, she called 2021 her year.

J…the shining new year for me!

— Jisoo

4. Rosé

Finally, Rosé’s creation was the trendiest of them all! Like how she’s known for having trendy fashion choices, even her cake was updated on the modern styles. She placed dollops of icing in different colors around the cake, and her main message was on top: “2020, as big a happiness as the universe”.

Unfortunately for her, Rosé was dubbed “fourth place” by her members for writing 2020 and not 2021!

Catch the full video below!

Source: YouTube

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