BLACKPINK All Wear Little Black Dresses Differently—Here’s How

They’re all gorgeous.

BLACKPINK is one of the most fashionable groups in the entertainment industry. Not only are their airport and Instagram outfits popular online, but they’re also all the faces of luxury brands. Individually, each of them can hold their own in the world of fashion as they all have their own styles. The difference between each member is seen best when it comes to little black dresses—even these simple clothes are worn differently by the members.

Check them out below!

1. Jennie

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram 

Jennie definitely brings out her sexy side when she wears black dresses. She often rocks bodycons that conform to her curvy shape.

These dresses show that Jennie is definitely #bodygoals!

2. Jisoo

Jisoo, meanwhile, chooses to go down the more elegant route when wearing little black dresses. She pairs them with high heels and classic bright red lipstick.

Her aura screams “innocent” and the clean palette of a black dress highlights this gorgeously.

3. Rosé

When Rosé wears little black dresses, she’s 100% trendy! She’s not afraid to mix and match fabrics and designs. From donning a long-sleeve type dress shirt…

…to using heavy leather fabric in a formal dress, she knows she’s setting the trend before anyone else.

4. Lisa

Finally, Lisa always has an edgy side that comes out no matter what she wears. Her rapping and dancing charisma from on-stage translates even to formal events.

She has an intense energy that is shown whenever she wears simple clothing. With Lisa’s looks and aura, she elevates all of her outfits.

The BLACKPINK members all wear little black dresses differently: Jennie is sexy, Jisoo is elegant, Rosé is trendy, and Lisa is edgy. Together, they can dominate any fashion show they attend!

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram