6 Things You Might Not Know About BLACKPINK’s Stylist, Park Min Hee

She created the looks for “Kill This Love,” and more.

BLACKPINK‘s eye-catching fashion has been a hot topic since the group’s debut. The mind behind many of those memorable fits is stylist Park Min Hee. Here are 6 things you might not know about her.

1. She has been “collaborating” with BLACKPINK for five years.

Park Min Hee began working with BLACKPINK in 2017. Rather than looking solely to her own expertise or preferences, she sees styling as a collaborative process with the artist.

BLACKPINK in 2017.

Communicating with artists is the most important thing. No matter how cool your style is, if it doesn’t suit you, it’s useless. That’s why I talk a lot with artists as a stylist. I find out their charm and what style they’re pursuing, and help them express that through styling. I feel like I can look at a certain styling now and be able to tell whether the stylist is close to the artist or not.

— Park Min Hee

2. She is married to AESPA’s stylist, who helped her style BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” MV.

Park Min Hee’s husband, stylist Wook Kim, is in charge of styling AESPA, EXO, SHINee, Woods, and Super M. He helped his wife create these “Lara Croft-inspired looks.”

| YG Entertainment/Facebook

3. BLACKPINK was her first client.

As a child, Park dreamed of becoming a stylist, and as she grew older she took the necessary steps to make that dream come true. After majoring in fashion design, she “recklessly” sent stylist Choi Kyung Won an email, and that email helped Park land a job with BLACKPINK.

Park Min Hee | i-d

The funny thing is, the first set I worked on was for BLACKPINK, and we’ve been together for five years now. As the four members are each ambassadors for different fashion houses, I’ve also travelled around the world and had various experiences with them.

— Park Min Hee

4. She sees BLACKPINK as a unique group with a lot of range.

In her interview with i-d, Park pointed out that each BLACKPINK member is an ambassador for a different major fashion brand: Jennie for ChanelJisoo for Dior, Lisa for Celine, and Rosé for Saint Laurent. As a group, however, they have nailed a number of “diverse concepts” together.

BLACKPINK styled for “Ice Cream” MV. | YG Entertainment

When they gather under the name of BLACKPINK, they give off another charm. I strongly believe that they’re a unique group that expresses various colors. They’ve pulled off diverse concepts so far, and they will continue to do so in the future.

— Park Min Hee

5. Her future plans?

Every stylist has a different story. BTS‘s stylist, for instance, got his start styling actor Jeon Jin Oh. Park Min Hee, on the other hand, who started with K-Pop, dreams of styling an actor someday — in addition to BLACKPINK.

| YG Entertainment/Facebook

BLACKPINK of course! All the members have a great sense of fashion, so I learn a lot as a stylist through their opinions, and I want to increase synergy in the future. Other than BLACKPINK, I want to style an actor, which was my first dream.

— Park Min Hee

6. What is her styling process?

“I tend to collect a lot of references,” Park said. “so I will choose a look that catches my eye these days, rather than just picking out single brand or designer — Blumarine and Fanci Club. Poster Girl, which I’ve been watching with interest for two years, is also cute, and Kim Shui is pretty cool too.”

Lisa wearing Bluemarine. | Allure

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