10 Boy Group Idols With The Most Beautiful Falsettos

From BTS’s Jungkook to Stray Kids’ Lee Know, these falsettos are just amazing.

While there are countless beautiful voices in an industry as big as the K-Pop one, there are only a few that can hit falsettos flawlessly. This feat becomes an even bigger deal among male idols, as their voices are usually naturally deeper, which makes it harder to perfect their falsetto runs. However, these ten talented vocalists didn’t let that stop them from having the most beautiful falsettos in K-Pop, according to fans.

1. BTS’s Jungkook

No better idol to top this list than Jungkook and his angelic voice. This video of his falsetto when singing BTS’s “Make It Right” live definitely takes the cake.

2. BTS’s Jimin

Jimin’s ability to perfectly execute the most difficult of falsettos will always stun every one in the audience, no matter where BTS or the Korean superstar is performing.

3. EXO’s Baekhyun

While there are plenty of EXO and solo songs where Baekhyun shows off his gorgeous falsetto runs, “All I Got,” in particular, always leaves fans in awe.

4. GOT7’s Jaebeom

Jaebeom’s falsettos are so loved by fans that someone even made an amazing compilation of them!

5. EXO’s Suho

The ending section that follows an incredible bridge in Suho’s “Made In You” is the perfect clip to use as an example.

6. GOT7’s Jinyoung

Another GOT7 member means another amazing compilation of his gorgeous falsettos. The group is just full of talented vocalists!

7. TXT’s Soobin

No falsetto seems too high for Soobin to reachย โ€” and the idol’s delicate voice makes him sound like an angel doing it.

8. Stray Kids’ Lee Know

Lee Know’s incredibly soft falsetto in “Levanter” might be one of the most fan-favorite verses in Stray Kids’ discography.

9. TREASURE’s Junkyu

Junkyu constantly received praise for his jaw-dropping vocals, but there’s not nearly enough talk about how gorgeous this falsetto of his is.

10. SHINee’s Onew

It’s hard to image this list without a SHINee member in it. Onew made it in through this insane clip of him casually singing an amazing falsetto perfectly.

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