5+ Brands Congratulate Their Ambassadors BTS After “2021 AMAs” Wins, Here Are All The Ones So Far

Congratulating their ambassadors (as they should)!

BTS made history on Sunday night at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs) as they picked up top awards, “Favorite Pop Duo or Group,” “Favorite Pop Song,” then became the first Asian artist to pick up the most anticipated “Artist of the Year award. Just legend things! 

Now, some of the biggest brands in the world are sending their congratulations to the members who also happen to be their brand ambassadors! Here are all that have congratulated BTS so far…

1. Louis Vuitton

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton not only wished their ambassadors congratulations, but they also dressed them for the event straight from the runway!

2. Samsung Mobile

Samsung always gives us some of the best BTS content! This time, they wished a sincere congratulations to the group, replying to BTS’s official post.


Philippines-based brand Smart, also known as Smart Communications, Inc, was beyond excited for BTS, as is obvious from their post below and the fact that they even have a tiny “7” in their name. True ARMY here!

4. Hyundai Worldwide

Hyundai and BTS are always about making a positive change in the world!

5. Seoul Mania

Who better to represent Seoul to the world than BTS? We can definitely understand why the members are honorary Seoul tourism ambassadors.

Seoul’s honorary tourism ambassadors BTS won three awards at the AMAs. They won ‘Favorite Pop Duo/Group’, ‘Favorite Pop Song’ and became the first Asian artists to win the grand prize! Congratulations!

— @seoulmania/Twitter

6. Coway Global

Korean company Coway produces household appliances, and BTS are household names after all, as was evident from the 2021 AMAs.

7. Tokopedia

Indonesian technology company Tokopedia quote tweeted BTS’s official post and even included a purple heart!

You can expect BTS also at Tokopedia’s own upcoming award show.

Source: @likechizu