5 Break-Up Songs To Help Single Pringles Survive Valentine’s Day

Who needs a valentine when you have music?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, people who aren’t exactly into the commercialized holiday of lurve are inundated with slow jams on the radio and heart-themed products and chocolates in every store.

If you haven’t found your Mr. Good Manners yet or found out he was a fraud, instead of listening to ballads and feel good, lovey-dovey music, here are 5 break-up songs that will help the single pringles survive the greeting card holiday.

1. “Beautiful Liar” – VIXX LR

VIXX LR‘s song “Beautiful Liar” is a ballad about the pain of letting go of someone you love. Leo’s sweet, soft vocals perfectly complement Ravi’s rapping, giving the honey-sweet sound of a song a razor-sharp edge.

2. “Fly High” – Dreamcatcher

While this isn’t necessarily a break-up song, with lyrics like “You can’t escape” and “I’m trapped in a nightmare” there’s no doubt “Fly High” could be about a toxic relationship or situation.

3. “Gashina” – SUNMI

In general, Sunmi‘s songs are empowering. Although “Gashina” has sad lines including, “You promised we’d go together but you’re leaving” there are uplifting lines including, “I’m gonna live like a flower, I’ll be myself“.

4. “Don’t Wanna Cry” – SEVENTEEN

The title says it all. With lyrics like, “Although I have a lot of tears / I don’t want to cry” this song will give the listener the strength to pick themselves up and be strong!


A song about lovers who used to be inseparable until their love story soured.

Bonus: “Because I’m A Girl” – KISS

Although the MV has moved thousands and thousands of people to tears, the song itself is a heart-wrenching break-up song that will make even the hardest of hearts feel things, and you know what, it’s okay to cry and experience things to the fullest, sometimes that’s the best way to let go.

There are plenty of break-up songs in existence, especially in K-Pop, a genre in which the artists write lyrics that seem to touch your soul. Are there any songs you would have included in this list?