10 BTS “7FATES: CHAKHO” Questions We Need Answered ASAP 

When will these mysteries be solved?

BTS‘s new webtoon 7FATES: CHAKHO is just getting started, but it’s already leaving readers with more questions than answers. Here are 10 of them!

1. Who killed Zeha’s parents?

We know Zeha (Jungkook) is the son of a human and a “beom” (a supernatural tiger creature), but much of his past is shrouded in mystery.

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Were his parents killed for their cross-species love, or is there a different reason?

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2. How did Zeha break the seal?

On the anniversary of his parents’ death, Zeha returned to the mountain where they tragically met their end. While there, Zeha broke the seal that allows beom to break through to the human world and wreak havoc. How?

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3. Why is January 16th significant?

On this day, beom cross over to the human world, blend in among us, and when the moment’s right they go for the kill. This is also the day Zeha’s parents were murdered. Did HYBE‘s writers choose January 16th only to coincide with the webtoon’s release date, or does January 16th hold a deeper meaning?

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4. Who is this creeper?

A mysterious beom appears on the anniversary of Zeha’s parents’ deaths and tempts Zeha to return to the mountain. Is this beom a friend or foe? Did he trick Zeha, knowing the seal would be broken? Why did he wait years to seek Zeha out?

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5. What happened when Zeha blacked out?

After visiting Inwang Mountain, Zeha wakes up in a hospital with a beom’s slash across his chest. Zeha doesn’t remember what happened to him on the mountain, and he is shocked to learn that 24 people were murdered there. He is the sole survivor.

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6. Who is Detective Soo Hoon?

At the hospital, Zeha meets the detective assigned to the Inwang Mountain murders case. Is this man all he appears to be?

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Detective Soo Hoon might be suspecting Zeha, but readers might have reason to suspect him. A glasses’ glare and a smirk? This “detective” screams “secret villain.”

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7. How did Haru become human?

Haru (Jimin) was the last line of defense between humans and the beom, keeping the creatures from entering the human world. When did this “rock” begin taking human form? Does it have anything to do with Zeha breaking the seal?

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8. Who is Jooan in love with?

V‘s character is in love with a beom, but so far we don’t know who this beom is. What is in store for these star-crossed lovers?

9. Who tried to eat Cein?

Suga just can’t catch a break in BTS’s fictional universes. In the SAVE ME webtoon, he died in a fire. Now, he’s being (nearly) eaten by tigers. How did it happen and which beom is responsible? (We just want to talk…)

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10. Will the Chakho have a happy ending?

SAVE ME concluded with cliffhangers, loose ends, and a continuation of the ever-tragic time loop. Hopefully, BTS will have a happier ending this time!

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