These HD Photos Of BTS’s Latest Performance Prove Just How Happy They Were To Be Performing In Front Of ARMY

They couldn’t stop smiling!

BTS recently had a comeback with their anthology album PROOF, which made ARMY incredibly emotional. The group also returned to performing on music shows for the first time in two years.

BTS went all out for the music shows, spoiling ARMY who came to see them with beautiful gifts and giving absolutely stunning performances on stage.

BTS’s last stage performance of “Yet To Come” and “For Youth” on music shows was at SBS‘s Inkigayo. Here are HD photos from their performance that prove just how happy BTS were to be performing live in front of their fans.

RM “Yet To Come”

RM “For Youth”

Jin “Yet To Come”

Jin “For Youth”

Suga “Yet To Come”

Suga “For Youth”

J-Hope “Yet To Come”

J-Hope “For Youth”

Jimin “Yet To Come”

Jimin “For Youth”

V “Yet To Come”

V “For Youth”

Jungkook “Yet To Come”

Jungkook “For Youth”

Source: SBS