10 Times BTS Were The Best Hyungs TXT Could Wish For

Here’s how BTS takes care of their juniors.

When it comes to industry seniors, TXT couldn’t ask for better ones than BTS. BTS started as underdog rookies and they learned a lot on their way to stardom. They’re still as humble as ever, and they go out of their way to treat TXT like family!


1. When Jimin, V, and Jungkook guested on Beomgyu and Yeonjun’s broadcast

On October 23, TXT’s hyungs dropped up to hang out with BeomgyuYeonjun, and MOA.


Beomgyu and Yeonjun couldn’t have been happier…


…and fans loved it too!


2. When Jin handed down his birthday cake hat to Soobin

Jin made headlines when he wore this hat to the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards on his birthday.


When Soobin celebrated his birthday a few hours after the award show, he was wearing Jin’s birthday cake hat. Beomgyu said that they borrowed the birthday hat from Jin so that Soobin could use it for his birthday too. Jin’s birthday (December 4) and Soobin’s birthday (December 5) are just one day apart!


3. When Jungkook and Jimin checked in on TXT at 2019 MAMA

Award shows can be chaotic, but BTS never misses a chance to spend time with their juniors. At MAMA Jimin walked over to TXT and shook Soobin‘s hand.


Jimin used that moment as an opportunity to ask TXT how their promotions for “9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)” were going.


This short but sweet conversation ended with another handshake and Jungkook patting Soobin on the back.


4. Every time BTS got super excited to see TXT perform

Whenever TXT hits the stage, BTS turn into MOAs.


They couldn’t be prouder of their juniors…


…and everything they’ve achieved so far.


5. When Sunbae V sang TXT’s praises

Like the supportive sunbae he is, V pointed out how hard TXT works on their music.


He talked about how TXT would practice so much in the recording studio that they would sleep there overnight. In fact, V found them in the studio every time he went!


6. When J-Hope taught Huening Kai how to charm fans

When J-Hope asked, “What’s in your pocket?”, Huening Kai pulled out a finger heart and said, “The love from our fans”. That’s exactly what J-Hope had taught him to say in their first meeting!


7. When Jungkook left TXT a note to cheer them on

In an episode of One Dream.TXT, Beomgyu walked into TXT’s hotel room and found a wall of post-it notes, including one from Jungkook. It said, “Fighting! Jungkookie Hyungie!”


8. Every time BTS gave TXT advice

As seniors who went from rookies to world stars, BTS has plenty of advice to give. For example, in an interview with Teen Vogue, TXT revealed that BTS encouraged them to develop their musical ear by listening to a wide variety of music.

They recommended lots of good songs to us from different genres, especially R&B and hip-hop.

— Huening Kai


9. When BTS helped TXT feel comfortable around them

Even though TXT and BTS trained at the same company, TXT still get nervous around them.


During a backstage meeting, Suga asked why BTS couldn’t greet TXT casually. Jimin said that formality would help TXT relax. “If we do it [casually] the kids will be more uncomfortable,” he said.


10. When BTS brought TXT into the spotlight

For the encore of  BTS’s “Boy With Luv”, TXT stayed on the M Countdown stage to support their hyungs. At first, TXT kept their distance, as if they were part of the audience…


…but BTS wanted them to join in! After all, they’re one Big Hit Family!

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