Here Are The Top 7 Greatest BTS Teasers Of All Time, According To Netizens

We all remember the day #3 happened!

Some of the most exciting moments of being an ARMY come from the anticipation of BTS‘s latest projects. From comebacks to tour announcements, the group has released some of the most memorable trailers throughout the last decade. Check out the teasers below that left netizens wanting more!


The BTS members proudly showed off their Korean culture when they emerged with traditional Korean imagery for “IDOL.” The members wore hanbok, traditional Korean clothes, and stood in front of hanok, a style of architecture that originally developed in Korea.

2. Fire

Suga shook the world with his iconic handshake at the beginning of the “Fire” music video. The remaining clips from the video teased the exciting and passionate energy that is central to this era and their identity as artists.


BTS shocked ARMY when they completely flipped their discography on its head with “I NEED U.” Leaving the school trilogy of albums they had previously released and entering the softer and sentimental “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” era, fans will never forget this day!

4. DNA

One of the most memorable teasers may have been Jungkook’s iconic entrance in “DNA” where he whistled the tune of the song and left fans in immense anticipation of what else this new era would bring.

5. Dynamite

“Dynamite” instantly brings fans back in time with a retro-inspired sound and concept that would ultimately light up the world and bring hope in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

6. Blood Sweat & Tears

“Blood Sweat & Tears” instantly captivated fans with its vampy vibes, luxurious scenery, and V and Jungkook’s gorgeous voices.


Leaving fans in anticipation of what was to come, this announcement trailer felt more like a work of art than a concert tour teaser!

Source: theqoo