Here’s 10+ Moments From “BTS, THE BEST” Online Showcase That Everyone Should Get To See

BTS held their online showcase for their Japanese album “BTS, THE BEST.”

BTS recently held their online showcase for their third Japanese-language compilation album BTS, THE BEST. Unfortunately, it was not available to watch for everyone. Only Japanese fan club members who won a lottery were able to watch it through SHOWROOM. We have, however, compiled some of the best moments from the showcase that we believe everyone should be able to see. 

Here are 10+ moments from BTS, THE BEST online showcase…

1. Dancing Suga is back!

2. This adorable moment from V

3. Main dancer Jin

4. When V suddenly got shy…

5. Jimin’s “honey vocals”

6. The constant chaos created by JinKook

7. V continually giving us new meme material

8. J-Hope just being effortlessly handsome

9. The duality of Kim Seokjin

10. Are we interrupting something? 👀

11. Our President

12. Jungkook is forever BTS’s baby

13. We don’t want you to leave either, Jimin 🥺

Source: Image (1), (2) and (3) and SHOWROOM


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