These Are The 9 Best BTS Workout Videos To Give You Abs Like Jungkook

Get ready to sweat to your favorite BTS songs!

Working out isn’t everyone’s thing, and sometimes it can be really hard to find the motivation to get up and move when all you want to do is lie around watching K-Pop videos.  With these BTS-inspired workout videos, however, you can do both at once! Some of these videos are more dance-heavy, while others show more traditional workout moves – but no matter which you prefer, you’re bound to get sweaty and more fit if you follow along to them regularly.

1. “ON” Cardio Workout Dance by Mylee Dance

While this isn’t the original choreography for “ON”, the dance moves are close enough that the entire workout has a similar vibe, which is just what you want for a BTS dance workout!

2. “Mic Drop” Dance Workout by Fitness Marshall

The energy in this relatively simple but super fun dance workout is impossible to not get hyped up to!

3. “Dream Glow” Workout by Cardio Party Mashup Fitness

This low to the ground yoga-esque workout set to the chill vibes of “Dream Glow” is guaranteed to give you the firmest butt and most toned abs of your life.

4. “Boy With Luv” Full-Body Workout by MadFit

This workout involves less dance and more traditional high-energy workout moves, and is sure to make your entire body more toned and trim.

5. “DNA” Dance Workout by Fitness Marshall

The moves in this dance are simple to follow along to, but high-intensity and bound to give you a great workout thanks to the instructor’s hype energy!

6. “Boy With Luv” Cardio Workout by Mylee Dance

The video repeats this high-energy, calorie-burning dance workout three times to give you plenty of time to learn it!

7. “Chicken Noodle Soup” Cardio Dance Workout by Mylee Dance

This dance workout switches between slow and fast movements, to give you time to learn each move before it gets too quick to follow!

8. “Black Swan” Cardio Dance Workout by Mylee Dance

The smooth, sensual movements of this dance workout will make you feel like you’re dancing along with BTS too! Like with the “ON” dance workout, while it’s not the original choreography, it’s a modified version to make it more do-able for non-professionals and will give you a great workout.

9. “UGH!” 3 Levels Cardio Workout by Cardio Party Mashup Fitness

This workout is not only easy to get into due to the hype sound of UGH!, but it’s shown in three different styles – low impact, limited mobility, and high impact – to give everyone of all abilities the chance to dance along.