10 Clues In BTS’s “Boy With Luv” Teasers That You Might Have Missed

BTS’s teasers are filled with clues and referenced about their upcoming music video.

Here are 10 subtle clues and references you may not have noticed in BTS’s “Boy With Luv” teasers.


1. The clocks and times

In the first teaser, Halsey is in a ticket booth for a theatre. The booth has reminded some fans of the Magic Shop where BTS traded objects in their “FAKE LOVE” teasers. The theatre in “Boy With Luv” closes at 11 PM, the same time that is on the clock above Halsey.

In the second teaser, BTS dance inside a dinner, which has a similar clock to the far right.

Could they be counting down to something…?


2. The posters

Outside of the theatre in the first teaser are posters for the classic musical, Singing in the Rain.

These posters can also be seen in the second teaser. Many fans believe they are hinting at the Broadway theme “Boy With Luv” may have.


3. Halsey’s lollipop

In the first teaser, Halsey has a lollipop. It has reminded some fans of the lollipop RM was often seen with during BTS’s The Most Beautiful Moment In Life era. In RM’s case, the lollipop was used in place of a cigarette.


4. The Persona theatre

The sign outside of the theatre here is very similar to the Omelas motel sign from “Spring Day”.

Could they be connected?


5. The recurring couch

BTS sits outside of the theatre on a couch that immediately brings to mind couches from other BTS videos like “I NEED U”, “FOR YOU”, and “Spring Day”.


6. The scenery

BTS’s retro diner appears to be located somewhere in a snowy mountain range. A similar location was used in “Spring Day”. Some fans have speculated that the dinner might actually be airborn, considering how high it is above the mountains.


7. The writing on the window

ARMYs love finding hidden text, but fans who are hoping to glimpse some deeper meaning from this window text may be disappointed. It reads “coffee” and “sandwiches”.


8. The eye on the glass

On the other window, there is an eye that can just barely be made out. Eyes are often referred to as “the windows to the soul”. Is this intentional or a coincidence? We’re not sure!


9. V’s earring

In “Version 4” of the concept photos for BTS’s new album, each of the members wore pearls in their individual shots. These pearls may be hinting at the Greek god theme fans believe they may be exploring in their upcoming song “Dionysus”.


10. Suga’s necklace

Back in March, BTS’s jeweler Quantez revealed that one of his new custom pieces for BTS may be appearing in a new music video.

This may be the necklace Suga is wearing in the second “Boy With Luv” teaser.



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