10+ BT21 Aesthetic Snacks You Didn’t Know Existed Until Now

Chimmy fans need #4 ASAP.

These 10+ BT21-inspired treats, snacks, and meals will make you realize how downright adorable food can actually be. There’s only one downside to having these: Trying to resist the urge to chow down before taking an aesthetic pic!

1. Koya Dessert

Japan Candy Box

2. Cooky Macarons

IG Shooky_Dough

3. Cooky and Tata Burgers

Pinterest 해영

4. Chimmy Latte

IG george_10g

5. Smoothie Bowl

IG naturally.jo

6. RJ Pancake

Pinterest aestheticlx

7. Fondant Cake

Pinterest M Cake Creations

8. RJ Soup

Mosh Moshi Nippon

9. BT21 Inspired Drinks

Moshi Moshi Nippon

10. Mang Birthday Cake

Pinterest peachy

11. Convenience Store Snacks

Pinterest Tanehttac

12. Lolli Choco

Paris Baguette

13. Mang Smoothie

Twt BTS_twt

14. RJ Strawberries

Pinterest chanxel

15. Koya Mitarashi Dango

IG b_sv_ts

16. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Paris Baguette