Part Two: More Moments That Show Just How Well-Mannered And Caring BTS Are To Each Other

Impeccable manners.

Here’s part two of the moments that show just how well-mannered and caring BTS remain to each other despite their long time together!

1. When Jin put his dongsaeng over himself

Look at how red Jin’s own ears are! Despite that, he gave up his hotpack to his member.

2. When Suga wordlessly took over the cooking

Jimin was grilling the meat as the younger one, but Suga immediately took the tongs and started doing it instead.

3. When Jimin got carsick

Jimin was sitting on a seat that wasn’t in the front direction. Due to that, he was experiencing some carsickness. J-Hope, Jin and Jungkook immediately unbuckled their seatbelts and offered to change seats with him.

4. When J-Hope returned the microphone

Look at how he passed it back, turning it so the handle would face the MC.

5. Jimin’s detailedness

He made sure to break the chopsticks apart before giving it to each member.

6. RM’s manners

When shaking hands with a younger member, RM does it casually. When shaking hands with Jin, who is older than him, he took his other hand out of his pocket to do so. Age is very important in Korea and one must use two hands to show manners. However, as the members are all close, it is not that important for RM to show such politeness, but he did it anyway.

7. Suit manners

The way Suga buttoned his blazer when standing! According to suit manners, one should keep the button open while sitting down and buttoned when standing.

We all can learn a little something from the boys!

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Source: theqoo