Part One: 10+ Moments That Show Just How Well-Mannered And Caring BTS Are To Each Other

It’s easy to take people around you for granted.

When you’ve been together as long as BTS has, it’s easy for you to take each other for granted. However, BTS has shown that sometimes, it’s just possible to remain unchanged in your love and care for the people around you! Here are 10 moments that prove that.

1. When they all hugged Jungkook

Jungkook had coincidentally seen a pair of friends overseas that were hugging each other. He commented that he wanted to hug his friends like that too. What did his hyungs do? They immediately gave him a hug of course!

2. When Suga sacrificed his hand

Jimin was taking a bite out of honey rice cakes, but the problem was that the honey was dripping all over. Suga immediately reached out to catch the honey so it wouldn’t stain Jimin’s clothes.

3. When Jin helped Jimin arrange his hair

Just look at the way he looks at Jimin!

4. When Jimin looked out for V

They had been admiring the moon at night but V headed off alone when he got overwhelmed with emotions. Jimin immediately came to look for him to comfort him.

5. When V took care of the sleeping Jimin

Not only did he take off Jimin’s sheet mask for him, he also arranged the covers and shut off the light.

6. When V had perfect manners

RM and V had been refusing the bottle of water so as to let each other drink it first. V solved the matter by opening the bottle and passing it to RM.

7. J-Hope is the best!

He massaged Jimin’s legs for him.

8. When they waited for RM

They could have easily eaten first, but they wanted to wait for RM.

9. When RM hugged the falling member

They are engaging in a game to see who could push the other down first. RM immediately caught the other party when they lost their balance.

10. When J-Hope was careful with Jimin

Just look at how J-Hope waited, ready with chopsticks, to hold onto the rice cake in case it was too big.

ARMYs can learn from the bond between BTS to care for and be mindful of the people around you everyday, especially when you’ve begun to take them for granted.

Check out Part Two below.

Part Two: More Moments That Show Just How Well-Mannered And Caring BTS Are To Each Other

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