Here’s How BTS Are Celebrating The Lunar New Year, So Far

This is how the members have been spending their time during Seollal.

Seollal (설날), the Korean New Year / Lunar New Year, is an important holiday with celebrations that usually last three days: the day before Korean New Year, Korean New Year, and the day after. Here’s how BTS have been celebrating, so far.


1. Sharing blessings and New Year greetings with ARMY

The members are spending most of the holidays with their friends and families, but they’ve also taken time to wish ARMY a happy New Year too.

“Have a Happy New Year.”

—  RM

“Spend a happy (lunar) new year holiday!”

— J-Hope


2. Eating tasty food

Jungkook gave mukbangers a run for their money when he tweeted out this video of himself enjoying a delicious wrap.

“Eat many good, tasty foods, and enjoy your (lunar) New Year happily!”

— Jungkook


3. Working

BTS is technically on vacation until mid-February, but they’re still quietly working away on their comeback album, even during the Lunar New Year.


— Jimin



— Jin


4. Hanging out with friends and family

Jin tweeted out a New Year’s greeting, along with these adorable selfies of himself with V‘s dog, Yeontan. Fans must have been missing Yeontan just as much as they’ve been missing Jin because “Tannie” trended at #2 worldwide!

“Have a good Lunar New Year.”

— Jin


5. This group photo

BTS updated their Weibo account with this photo and the following message: “In the new year, may you hold pearls of wisdom in your hands and have all things sail smoothly.”


6. Enjoying the great outdoors

Jimin shared these scenic photos he took while hanging out with his friend Ha Sungwoon (of HOTSHOT, formerly of Wanna One).


7. Cute selfies 

BTS uploaded this series of whiskered selfies to their New Year’s album on Facebook as a special gift for all ARMYs, who are wishing them the best this holiday season.