Here Are 10 Times BTS Hilariously Cheated During Games

#2 was way too obvious. 🤣

You won’t find a more competitive group of guys than BTS! They’ll stop at nothing to win a game against each other, even if it occasionally calls for some foul play. Take a look at the funniest 10 times they blatantly cheated with no shame!

1. Jimin adding extra sticky notes on Jungkook when no one was looking

ARMYs saw it, but we won’t tell!

2. Jin using eye “telepathy” to tell RM his answer was wrong

He tried to make it not obvious…but that didn’t work out.

3. Jungkook switching his answer at the speed of light

There was only one problem…

…He was caught by J-Hope!

4. V moving the billiards with his hand

Jimin let it slide just this one time.

5. Jin copying Suga’s answers with no shame

He didn’t try to hide this one!

6. Jimin helping Jungkook hit the water bottle

Jungkook just barely missed his target.

However, Jimin came to the rescue!

7. Jin putting the correct answer in J-Hope’s face

You can’t get more obvious than this!

8. Jungkook letting Jimin cheat at foosball

In the end, he still lost!

9. V sabotaging the other team

During the cook off, he added extra salt to their meal when no one was looking.

10. V secretly telling Jimin what’s coming next

They’re so sneaky!