7 Things You Might Have Missed In BTS And Coldplay’s “My Universe” Music Video

#5 will blow your mind!

BTS and Coldplay‘s “My Universe” music video isn’t something you can watch just once. The endless amount of intricate details hidden in the background allow fans to discover something new everytime they watch! Check out some of the cool facts surrounding the video’s set, concept, and more.

1. The spaceship of the “Silencers” was inspired by the shape of the Novel Coronavirus.

The COVID-19 molecule has the same spikey shape, showing that a possible interpretation of the “Silencers” can be the effects of the pandemic.

The ship of the “Silencers” | Coldplay/YouTube
COVID-19 model

2. DJ L’Afrique’s station has a heart-shaped window — A nod to Chris Martin’s “love” button.

In her station, the heart-shaped window represents love.

DJ L’Afrique’s station | Coldplay/YouTube

Chris Martin is a long-time support of the Love Button Global Movement, a non-profit organization create to cultivate a culture of love.

Love Button pins from non-profit organization | @lovebuttonorg/Twitter

3. The plants were spray-painted blue to give the illusion of another world.

Yes, they were real plants, too!

Set of Coldplay’s planet | Coldplay/YouTube

Seeing blue plants immediately creates a feeling of a foreign world, according to director Dave Meyers.

| Coldplay/YouTube

4. The gritty “dirty sci-fi” aesthetic was created by breaking down sets and shopping for hundreds of salvaged mechanical parts.

A lot of scrapping, DIY, and clever ideas went into creating the ecclectic setting on the music video.

| Coldplay/YouTube

5. The video was filmed in The Pools of Castellnou in Rubi, City of Barcelona, Spain.

The abandoned space was unique enough to create a whole new world. Check out some photos from the site below.

| Raphael Delessert
| Raphael Delessert
| Raphael Delessert
| Raphael Delessert

6. The alien symbols are from an alien alphabet that was commissioned by Coldplay.

With the proper key, it can be translated into English.

Intro sequence | Coldplay/YouTube

7. If you thought you heard the call of a whale, you might be right.

It is the loneliest creature in the world, afterall.

Check out the detail that went into each BTS member’s wardrobe below!

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