Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS In The “My Universe” Music Video With Coldplay

The styling is amazing!

BTS and Coldplay‘s “My Universe” music video contains a “gritty, dirty sci-fi aesthetic,” according to director Dave Meyers. From the set design to the wardrobe, the video’s imagery creates a dystopian future where the two groups, along with fictional group Supernova 7, rebel against “The Silencers.”

BTS | Coldplay/YouTube

Check out the details of the BTS members’ wardrobe below to see how they achieved their futuristic, “dirty sci-fi” look!

1. RM

The members went for an edgy spin on utilitarian fashion with a variety of tattered, beige pieces.

RM kept it simple with his $915 jacket designed by Japanese fashion designer Junya Watanabe.

RM | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter

2. Jin

Even in hologram form, Jin still boasts his good looks! For his look, he layers a vest over a graphic multi-colored crewneck.

The crewneck retails for $355 from 1017 ALYX 9SM.

Jin | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter

3. Suga

Suga sports a similar look, but you might never have known the clothing was altered to create a vest!

By cutting the sleeves of this A-COLD-WALL denim jacket, he rocks a custom piece.

Suga | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter

4. J-Hope

J-Hope steals the spotlight in the middle of the crowd during the dance break.

He sports a t-shirt from the same brand as Jin that retails for $235.

J-Hope | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter

5. Jimin

Due to his different styling and aura, you might not have noticed Jimin rocks the same jacket as RM.

He makes the look his own with his patterned shirt and edgy jewelry!

Jimin | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter

6. V

V keeps it simple and lets his visuals take the spotlight.

Cop his simple Descendant t-shirt for $165.

V | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter

7. Jungkook

Jungkook wears the most expensive piece — and yes, the sleeves have been cut!

His $2835 cargo military jacket is the perfect style for him.

Jungkook | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter