Here Are 8 Tips To Help You Get BTS Concert Tickets That Actually Work

Make sure you do #4 before so you don’t panic.

Finally, the wait is over! BTS recently announced four concerts in Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium, their first offline concerts in two years. The struggle to get tickets is as real as ever, so check out the tips below to help you secure your spot at the show!

1. Find a stable wi-fi connection.

Whether you’re at home, work, or school, make sure you have a strong wi-fi signal.

2. Make sure your payment method is updated ahead of time.

Have your information filled in and updated so you can breeze through checkout once your tickets are in your cart.

3. Have a general plan, but be flexible.

Check out any available seating charts ahead of time to find your preferred viewing areas. Rank them from most to least preferred just in case the area you wanted gets sold out!

4. Have any presale codes ready.

The last thing you want to do is scramble to find your own personalized presale code. Write it down or screenshot it to have instant access when the time comes to fill it in.

5. Be aware of any rules.

Read all FAQs to learn about maximum tickets that can be purchased per account.

6. Arrive early.

Open the ticketing website before the designated time to join the waiting room.

7. Only open one tab per show.

Using multiple devices or tabs might negatively impact your results.

8. Most importantly, have fun!

The experience can be stressful, but remember: In the end, it’s all for a fun and exciting day to see the boys in concert! Plus, there are no bad seats at a BTS show. 💜

Can’t attend any of these shows? Check out how to watch BTS’s upcoming online concert below!

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